Lewis Hamilton owns the stage in New York!

Lewis Hamilton got up on stage in a New York nightclub earlier this week to sing a long to the track “Look it at you, look it at me” – and here’s the video!

He’s made no secret of his passion for music – both listening and creating tunes. With seemingly infinite amount of friends in the music industry, I think it’s pretty easy to guess what Lewis will be doing with his spare time when he finally hangs up the helmet in years to come.

What do you think of the World Champ’s voice?


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    telstar says

    The song didn’t do justice to Hamilton’s voice, he really has the voice to sing but needs a song that will complement his clear, smooth vocal.

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    Danny says

    Bit odd to be honest. It’s not that clear and it’s a bit strange seeing a Stevenage boy being a bit “g” but his voice doesn’t sound that bad really.

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