With numerous websites on the internet claiming to sell ‘official F1 tickets’, the vast choice is simply overwhelming. So where is it safe to buy F1 Grand Prix tickets from? Our network of Formula 1 fans have been purchasing their F1 tickets through the websites featured below for the last 10 years! We will tell you a little bit about each of them which will hopefully give you peace of mind before handing over your hard earned cash.

Motorsport Tickets (Formerly BookF1.com)

Motorsports Tickets has been selling tickets for Motorsports including Formula 1, MotoGP, World Endurance Championship, Le Mans 24 hour, Isle of Man TT for 16 years. Both a trusted and authorised ticket seller for the world’s best circuits; so customers from any country can use their service in total confidence. They offer F1 ticket prices in five currencies which are GPB, Euros, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars or in US Dollars. They accept a wide range of payments including Debit/Credit Card (this can be online, by fax or even phone), as well as PayPal, bank transfer and cheque/postal order. The choice really is yours!

View prices on Motorsport Tickets


GooTickets.com is another great ticket company, based in Monaco. They were formerly known as Global Grand Prix, but rebranded in 2011 after becoming a global ticket agent for numerous sports events. The website is run by a company under the name of the Platinum Group. I believe this is what will appear on your bank statements after purchasing tickets (which can sometimes confuse customers). Based in Monte Carlo, GooTickets sell Monaco Grand Prix tickets at a great price every year. The range of currencies that prices can be viewed in is enormous: EUR, GBP, USD, AUD, BRL, CAD, CNY, JPY, SCG, TRY, AED, MYR, CZK, BHD… and KRW! That’s a long list and you won’t need me to tell you that GooTickets cater for and ship tickets to F1 fans worldwide. Their latest design website is brilliant and very easy to use.

View prices on GooTickets.com


GPTicketShop.com is a nice little ticket website being run from Austria, however they act as the official ticket supplier to the Hungarian Grand Prix. They sell tickets for plenty of other categories of racing, but cover every F1 race during the season. GPTicketShop is an international F1 ticket agent, but they only give you the prices of each race in one currency. It will either be in Euros or USD, depending on how they got the tickets off the promoter of the race. That may put some people off, especially if you like to compare F1 tickets on different websites. The website itself is great, with plenty of clear information on what tickets include and any other upgrades/options available.

View prices on GPTicketShop.com


MyGPTicket.com is another cool website you can check out for your F1 ticket needs should any of the others not comply with your needs. They are based in Hungary, but like the rest are open to orders from anywhere in the world. They have great availability for every race and an array of optional extras like hotels and car rentals if you are looking to book the full GP package.

View prices on MYGPTicket.com

F1 Tickets Resellers

viagogo.com is not primarily an F1 ticket agencies but they have moved into this area in recent years and have become big players in the industry. Their websites acts as a safe trading ground for fans to exchange tickets for gigs, concerts and sporting events which includes every Formula 1 Grand Prix each season. There is the potential for slightly inflated ticket prices, but they are the perfect websites to check out if you have left it late booking your F1 tickets and availability is limited. Grand Prix tickets can be purchased on the site even a day before the race itself. The best bit about it? Every single ticket sold is 100% guaranteed by the company – you cannot lose money on these websites. The days of being conned out of a lot of money are well and truly over. Beats gumtree!

If you would like any more information on the featured websites or have any questions regarding the sale of F1 tickets, please get in touch using our contact form and we’ll be more than happy to assist.

Check out our full list of Grand Prix ticket guides here..


  1. Reply
    Alex says

    is f1-tickets.com reliable? I am looking at going to the Austrian Grand Prix, but all the above websites have sold out, and f1-tickets.com seems to be the only site I can find them.

    Cheers, Alex

    • Reply
      James Wilson says

      Hi Alex. I’m not sure to be completely honest. Which tickets are you after specifically and I’ll help you.

      • Reply
        clerissa says

        Hi can you please help me.
        We are from South africa and want to purchase tickets through viagogo.
        Is the site legit and will we receive our tickets?
        If you can please help me i will really appreciate it.

        • Reply
          Simon Purnell says

          Hi Clerissa, Viagogo isn’t an official F1 ticket reseller, but a site used by people who have purchased tickets and need to swap them. I’ve personally used the site in the past without a problem and so have some of the site users.

        • Reply
          Clinton Piggott says

          I have purchased sports tickets from Viagogo successfully since I attended the 2010 World Cup in S.Africa many times for World Cups and F1 Grand Prix until now and never had a problem

    • Reply
      Kate says

      Has anyone ever bought F1 tickets from Touchline Tickets….trying to find out if the company is genuine? Can anyone help?

      • Reply
        Simon says

        Hi Kate

        It’s not one of the companies we’ve used before. Any feedback you can provide would be appreciated.

  2. Reply
    Katy says

    Hi there

    I’m trying to purchase Singapore f1 tickets, and the only place listing the at the moment is viagogo.
    I’m a little confused as everywhere else is saying they’ve not been released yet.
    Can you help?


    • Reply
      James Wilson says

      Hi Katy.

      I wouldn’t use viagogo as as your first port of call when buying F1 tickets or any other sport for that matter. It’s good as a last resort, but that’s once the official sites have sold out of the tickets you want. Singapore GP tickets are not out yet but will be posted on this website as soon as they are. You can also follow the F1 Tickets twitter account where release news is announced: https://twitter.com/F1Tickets

    • Reply
      Alicia says

      Hi there! Zone 4 tickets for three days walkabout in SG are sold out on official sites, but I have to let mine go. Two pairs in fact, due to other commitments 🙁 Negotiations available because I really do not want those tickets to go to waste. Contact me if you’re interested? 🙂

  3. Reply
    Cande says

    Hi, I’m from Argentina and want to buy tickets for Abu Dhabi race. Are these websites secure to buy them? Because I think it’s strange that tickets are chepear there than in the official F1 website.
    And the most important question, do they have shipping to Argentina? I read that Gootickets does it by UPS but it doesn’t say specificaly Argentina, and I called UPS here and they told me that if the website that sells the tickets say that, it should be true.


    • Reply
      James Wilson says

      Hi Cande! Great to hear from someone from Argentina!

      Formula1.com, is just like any other ticket website in that they want to make a profit on each ticket sold. So this will be why some of their prices might be higher than other sellers.

      Goo Tickets ships World Wide which definitely includes Argentina. As you say, they use UPS so it’s all secure. Go for it! Here’s the link:


  4. Reply
    N Phiri says


    Its my first time going to watch an F1 race and as such Ive been looking to sites that are selling Monaco tickets.

    I came across grand prix event.com and bookF1 as you recommended.

    Also do you know which sites sell paddock passes for saturday only?

    thanks xx

  5. Reply
    Alan Gayle says

    Hello James,

    Thanks for this information, it’s very useful. Are these the same websites you would suggest for corporate hospitality? I’m considering an event for about 10 people for a good client.



    • Reply
      James Wilson says

      Hi Alan!

      Are you still hunting for corporate hospitality? I can help you personally with that if you’d like to email your requirements to jwilson@enterf1.com

      Look forward to hearing from you.

  6. Reply
    Jodie says

    Hi me and my husband want to go to watch F1 in Barcelona next year. How come book F1.com are selling tickets and have dates but the actual F1 website has no dates confirmed?

    • Reply
      James Wilson says

      Hi Jodie

      Believe it or not, Formula1.com / F1.com aren’t actually that hot on the F1 ticket sales front. They are often last to list tickets for each GP, and as mentioned in other comments they never seem to be the cheapest either. Companies like BookF1.com have direct relationships with the circuits such as Barcelona and are authorised to put next year on sale almost immediately after the previous years race. You may notice there’s an early bird discount until November 27th as well which many fans take advantage of.

      Worth noting – the official 2015 F1 calendar is not confirmed and will not be until September time (roughly). BookF1 state “The provisional dates for this event at Circuit de Catalunya are Friday, 08 May 2015 to Sunday, 10 May 2015.” This is subject to change but more than likely it will take place on that weekend.


      Hope that helps!

      • Reply
        Gust Goeminne says

        Hi there, i’m am looking for 2 tickets to the race in Monza begin September this year. I would like to sit next to the first 2 corners. It is as a present but i can’t find any more tickets… Anyone that can help me? Thanks a lot

  7. Reply
    nadiah says


    I’m planning to get tickets for F1 Silverstone from stubhub since I am able to get a good deal from there. Do you think you would recommend that I do that?

    • Reply
      James Wilson says

      Hi Nadiah! Stubhub is an eBay owned company and has a money guarantee policy to protect fans from fraudsters. So I partially recommend them. In an ideal situation you’d purchase tickets from an F1 ticket reseller. What tickets are you after and I can have a look for you?

      • Reply
        nadiah says

        Hi James,

        I decided to book from bookf1.com instead because the seats were not numbered together at stubhub. So, I was kind of worried I won’t be able to seat together with my friend. Anyway, thank you so much for your help. Your article really helps a lot!

  8. Reply
    Rod says

    James, which web site do you recommend for Belgium gran prix tickets? I am getting worried because I want to buy one adult and two kids tickets but gootickets and other resellers do not guarantee the seats will be together. What do you recommend I do? Thanks a lot in advance for your advice!

    • Reply
      James Wilson says

      Hi Rod! I’ve spoken to Book F1 and if a ticket order had children tickets in it you are guaranteed to be together anyway. This is because all children need accompanying with an adult at all times. If you book your Belgian GP tickets, the 3 of you will be sitting together. What grandstand are you thinking of choosing?

  9. Reply
    jacqui says

    Hi im looking to buy tickets to the Abu Dhabi GP which is the best web site to get them from, i see some of the british site are sold out of the north and west stands which is where we would like to go, ive always used book F1 and a couple of the other british sites so am a little nervous about using other sites would apprecate your help

    kind regards jacqui

    • Reply
      James Wilson says

      Hi Jacqui

      BookF1 still have ‘West Club’ tickets which I realise are the higher end of the price scale but are fantastic tickets. The also have ‘North’ tickets for Fri-Sun and Sat-Sun – are these any good to you?


      If these passes aren’t suitable then your next best bet is GooTickets who are Monaco based: http://www.abudhabi-grand-prix.com/EF1/en/2883-abu-dhabi-f1/

      This company sell tickets to all the races and are 100% official! And in actual fact… GooTickets are coming out a little bit cheaper than BookF1 on this event.

      Let me know if you require any more help and I’ll happily assist.

      • Reply
        Jacqui says

        Thank you very much have got our tickets for the west stand, we went thro the goo tickets site,

        Regards jacqui

  10. Reply
    andrew watkins says

    I am looking to go to the Canadian GP in 2015 some sights are giving dates and some are saying TBC. I dont want to buy tickets for a weekend that does not match my hotel and flight bookings. Are the dates advertised 5-7 th June a safe bet.

    • Reply
      James Wilson says

      Hi Andrew. Totally understand your predicament and it’s a really common question from F1 fans. My advice is simple and applies to all the races:

      Circuits bring out their tickets soon after the previous race to try and drum up some interest and sales early on. This is always based on the date being TBC when the official F1 calendar gets published in August/September time. The calendar gets set in stone a few weeks after the provisional one is released – and only then are the GP ticket dates CONFIRMED. Please follow us on twitter @enterF1 or check the Canadian GP section of the site out over the summer.

  11. Reply
    Danny says

    Im wanting to buy early bird tickets for the Canadian grand prix 2015. I know theae tickets are on sale but I have found them at a slightly cheaper price on f1fansite website. They claim to use UPS delivery service however, Im wondering if

    A:- Has anybody bought tickets from their site before/ will I actually recieve my tickets?

    B:- I’m wanting to buy a seat reserved ticket but I couldnt see anything on their website to be able to chose the seat you want. Is that normal?


    • Reply
      James Wilson says

      Hi Danny! That website is only linking to this website: http://www.canada-grand-prix.com/EF1/en/2564-canada-f1/

      Check them out, it’s a company called GooTickets and they are one of the best you can use. They do use UPS so your tickets will arrive safely.

      As for reserving the seats, I’m not sure they do it although you could email them with a preference perhaps?

  12. Reply
    Luisa says

    Hi James

    I’m looking to book a single ticket for my Uncle to go to Monza in September. I wanted to go direct through the monza website monzanet.it but it says tickets arent availiable until 1st August. I treid booking through formula1.com but the payment page kept freezinag and wouldn’t let me continue. He is paranoid about fake sites selling fake tickets.

    Any advice?


  13. Reply
    Emma says

    Hi I’m looking for tickets for monaco 2015. The official f1 ticket site says they are not available yet but monaco-grand-prix.com already have them for sale. Does any one know if this is a legit site or should I stay clear of it

    • Reply
      James Wilson says

      Hi Emma! Yes monaco-grand-prix.com is just a domain name belonging to the GooTickets.com website. GooTickets provide tickets for all the major ticket agencies online so in that respect yes they are totally legit.

      That domain name is actually just pointing at their Monaco page which can be found in the link below. F1.com are a bit slow on the selling of F1 tickets so we recommend going with one of the official agencies to get the grandstand you want early:


  14. Reply
    Carla says

    Is the http://www.f1-fansite.com a reliable site to purchase F1 tickets for Singapore? They are about $150USD less than purchasing the tickets from the F1 website. Please advise soonest. Thank you very much! 🙂

    • Reply
      James Wilson says

      Hi Carla. F1 Fansite is just linking off to other ticket providers – GooTickets is definitely the cheapest and as you say, are well below the price set on Formula 1 website. Check their site out here, they’re excellent!


    • Reply
      Alicia says

      Wonder if you are interested in two pairs of F1Three Days walkabout tickets for the F1 race in Singapore. I’ll have to let mine go due to other commitments. Willing to lower the price from the original price of a total of$456 for both pairs. Really don’t want these tickets to go to waste since they are also sold out on official sites now. Do contact me if you are interested alright? :)))

  15. Reply
    AL says

    Hi, have you ever come across grandprix-tickets.com and if so do you have an indication of reliability?

    Many thanks!

    • Reply
      James Wilson says

      Hi Al. I’m not too sure to be honest – they don’t give a lot away on their website about who they are and their history. Looks like just another ticket agency that may or may not be reliable.

  16. Reply
    Helen says

    I’m looking for Balcony/Terrace viewing tickets for Monaco 2015 (Sunday).
    Do you know if GrandPrixEvents.com or Grand-Prix-Monaco.com are a reliable sites to purchase through?
    Also, I’m looking at Ermanno Palace & Shangri’La building, with Beau Rivage as a cheaper alternative. Do you have any comments/advice at to which is preferable, on these venues?

    • Reply
      Simon says

      Hi Helen

      Our recommendations for Monaco is Gootickets. Goo are based in Monaco and from our experience have the best range of tickets at best prices.



  17. Reply
    Grace jones says

    Can you help me chose a reliable and trustworthy ticket agency to purchase tickets for Circut of the Americas Grand Prix in Oct 2014? Are there a few websites I can compare prices? Last minute decision to go and I am running out of time.
    Thank you!

  18. Reply
    Miss B says

    Hello from two F1 fans from the USA – currently planning a once in a lifetime trip to Europe to see 2015 Grand Prix at Silverstone. We are new to this, so just a few questions please-
    Do we need 3-day tickets to do the pitwalk on Thursday? or can we just stop in on our way from BHX airport that afternoon?
    Can I purchase tickets direct from Silverstone? – other sites seem to add fees….
    Is Band 4 of Abbey on the left, right, or center of the grandstand?
    We will have a car and plan to stay at a B&B at Cosgrove- we’d like to do M1 Park & Ride at Towcester, but it only lists Sixfields as a choice right now- wondering if it would be best to just park at the circuit…?
    And finally, what time does the race start on Sunday?
    I appreciate any help you might give– I wish July would hurry up and get here!

    • Reply
      Simon says

      Hi Miss B,

      What a great idea for a trip. I hope the following information helps with planning your trip.
      1, Do we need 3-day tickets to do the pitwalk on Thursday?
      – I’m not sure if the Thursday pitwalk is confirmed for 2015, it was part of the 50th Year celebrations in 2014. The pitwalk was a free offer for those fans with a 3 day ticket. We have contacted Silverstone and are waiting for some feedback on 2015 plans.

      2,Can I purchase tickets direct from Silverstone?
      – Yes are you can or try the following supplies who we find offer more detailed information on where to sit.
      Goo Tickets

      3, What stand in Abbey
      – You cannot choose a specific zone, However, you can send the booking agency an email after your booking, and the logistic team will put a note in your order. As soon as they get the tickets, and if they have the availability you asked for, they will of course allocate you seat in your preferred block.

      3, Park and Ride at Silverstone (M1)
      – Park and ride by the M1 can be booked here..

      4, What time does the race start
      – 1 o clock UK time

      I hope this helps please don’t hesitate to contact me if you require any further information.



  19. Reply
    Del says

    very helpful James.. so for 2015 GP du Canada, formula1.com says “tickets are not yet available” but bookf1.com is listing and selling tickets – how does that work? am I buying “tickets” that are not really tickets yet, just an “assignment of tickets”? is there any advantage to buying tix from bookf1.com instead of buying from the “official” F1 site?

    • Reply
      Del says

      ah, never mind, I just read your reply above to Jodie, so it looks to me like bookf1.com probably has the actual tix, so I will buy from them – great thread!

      • Reply
        Simon says

        Sorry I didn’t get back to you before you discovered the answer for yourself!! bookf1 are an official ticket provider, so you won’t have any trouble!

        Thanks for the feedback

  20. Reply
    Jo says

    Hi there
    We’re off to the Australian GP 2015, do you know any sites/companies that sell ‘Jones Grandstand’ tickets for just the race day, we don’t land until late Thursday night so was hoping to get gen admission for the sat as well. But nobody seems to sell individual!

    • Reply
      Simon says

      Hi Jo,

      I’ve had a look around and like you are unable to find anyone selling Jones Grandstand for Sunday only. The best range of tickets is available on http://www.bookf1.com who are selling Schumacher and Webber Grandstands for race day only.

      Please let me know if you have any luck else where


  21. Reply
    Jane says

    You have a terrific site, thanks so much.
    Just to confirm, in order of recommendation for ticket purchase it is #1 BookF1, and #2 GooTickets?
    Do you have a personal preference for seat location in Monaco? Torn between Tribune K, L, O or T high. Thinking Tribune L High??
    My biggest concern…we would be leaving for Europe 2 weeks before the race. I understand that the tickets aren’t printed until 2-4 weeks before the race date, and get sent out after that. I won’t necessarily have a trusted address in Europe to send the tickets to. Is it really true that the tickets might only be sent with 2 weeks to race day? This sort of delivery problem must be fairly common.
    Lastly, other than Paddock Club, is there any way to get a tour of the pits and/or are they open at any point prior to the race?
    Thanks for your time.

    • Reply
      Simon says

      Hi Jane,

      Thank you!

      Tribune O looks like a good bet as it has views of the circuit harbour and swimming pool section.
      You are correct about the dispatch of the tickets although speaking to BookF1 they will send tickets to Europe using DHL. My recommendation would be, book now adding a comment to your booking about your travel plans and contact them nearer the time.
      Sorry I’m unable to help with the Pits tour but if I hear of anything I’ll be in contact.

      I hope you have a great trip

  22. Reply
    Joseph C. Burgess says

    Guys, all of the those are agencies that resell – adding quite a margin on the ticket prize. That’s what you will cover. Buy your ticket ONLY directly at the circuit’s website or the the race website! At least that’s what I do and it saves me quite some beers at the circuit 🙂

    • Reply
      Simon Purnell says

      Hi Joseph,
      This is our findings when looking for general admission tickets for the British Grand Prix..
      Sunday General Admission ticket with handling fee (£7.75) – £106.75

      Book F1
      Sunday General Admission Ticket Service Fee and Delivery (£16) – £123

      Silverstone Official Site
      Sunday General Admission Ticket with delivery – £155

      Formula1.com The Official F1 site
      Sunday General Admission Ticket with delivery- £186


  23. Reply
    Barry says

    Has anybody used Senate Grand Prix? They seem to have some good packages for Monaco and they also have tickets for Abu Dhabi

    • Reply
      James Barr says

      Hi Barry,

      I worked in F1 for almost 10 seasons and can confirm that Senate are a good company, they are Monaco specialists and offer some really good packages. If you do contact them ask for Dean Sheppard, tell him I say hi! There are other Monaco companies but these guys dont fill up their suites and yachts until you cant move!! I know they have recently started offering Ab Dab packages too. I know most the circuits like the back of my hand so if you need any more info then please dont hesitate to contact me.

  24. Reply
    Sam says

    Can anyone advise the best website to use for tickets to the Singapore grand prix please, this will be our first grand prix & confused by the choice & price differences

  25. Reply
    Kristi says

    Hi! I am looking for tickets in Spain circuit 2016. I am trying to make a birthday gift for my husband. I have to admit that it is more difficult than I expected. After some research I have decided to choose section H (according to reviews and my budget it seemed ok) but now I am in front of the question from where to buy. I have read some forums and I have found some negative comments on almost every website that are suggested by your website. I would really want to buy the tickets from the website that is trustworthy and still for good value. How could I check if a website is officially authorized to sell F1 tickets? I am basically choosing among 5 websites:
    2. gootickets.com
    3. gpticketshop.com
    4. bookf1.com
    5. mygpticket.com/
    6. tickets.circuitcat.com/

    Thank you very much in advance for you answer!

    • Reply
      Simon Purnell says

      Hi Kristi, We recommend the first 4 of your chosen websites and apart from the odd complaint regarding the dispatch of tickets we don’t have anything bad to report. I understand the dispatch of tickets can be delayed by the circuits. I would recommend comparing Bookf1.com and Gootickets.com first as they often have early bird offers running.

  26. Reply
    Chris says

    Looking for any help with tickets for this years Mexican Grand Prix. I looked at all of the sellers listed. Seems gootickets appear to be the cheapest at this point. Honestly just looking for Sunday only tickets but not seeing those anywhere that I can tell.

    • Reply
      Simon Purnell says

      Hi Chris, It looks like there’s only weekend tickets for the Mexico grand prix. The cheapest I’ve found is £172 for Blue Zone https://goo.gl/7GShcb

  27. Reply
    Liz A says

    In May we did an online order for tickets to Italian GP from GPT worldwide. Delivery info said they would be sent 3-4 weeks before event so we had fingers crossed that they would arrive before we left Sydney. DHL tracking shows that they were despatched from Austria on August 1 and delivered to us on Friday August 5. We couldn’t be happier with service and communication from GPT and DHL. Can definitely recommend.

  28. Reply
    Bob says

    Would anyone happen to know if any of the sites offer any attractive group booking options (4 adults + 3 kids)

    • Reply
      Simon Purnell says

      Hi Bob, I don’t think that’s enough people to get a group discount unfortunately.

  29. Reply
    Seb says

    I had a look at different ticket websites for the Grand Prix of Canada, but I don’t see the option of choosing a specific section/seat for a grandstand. Am I missing something or is the section just assigned randomly after booking?

    • Reply
      Simon Purnell says

      Hi Seb, If you have a particular seat or section you would like, please add a request when purchasing your tickets.

    • Reply
      James Barr says

      Hi there, this is the official site for the Canadian GP https://www.circuitgillesvilleneuve.ca/en run by a company called Octane racing, with explanations of all the seating areas and an interactive map, not at the top of google search still I see, another of my favourite circuits to work at! Hope thats of some help?!

  30. Reply
    lauren says


    I have booked tickets for the Belgium grand prix through spagrandprix.com. I haven’t seen any mention of it on here, do you know if it is a safe site? thanks Lauren.

    • Reply
      Simon Purnell says

      Hi Lauren, Sorry i don’t know is behind this website. Have you tried calling them. Have you checked your credit card statement to see what company has taken the money?

  31. Reply
    James Barr says

    Afternoon all, spagrandprix.com is the official site for the Belgium grand prix, belgium-grand-prix.com is a safe bet too, have used them both many times in the past. If this will be your first time going to Spa, one word of warning, if you are not staying within a 5 mile radius of the circuit, make sure you leave a lot of time to get to there! They’ve spent many years trying to improve this but unless you have a helipcoter there is still one road in and one road out! Awesome circuit though!

  32. Reply
    Megan says


    I am booking tickets for my partners 30th birthday to watch the Belgium Grand Prix this year – I’ve found the tickets I want on Gootickets but have red some mixed reviews about their reliability and service. Can you vouch that they are a validated ticket seller on behalf of F1 races?


    • Reply
      Simon Purnell says

      Hi Megan, We’ve been promoting Gootickets as a re-seller for a number of years and have never had a problem.

  33. Reply
    Sasha says

    We want to go to F1 Spa this year but will be traveling before, do any sites offer Will Call pick up as an option instead of having them sent to our house in the US? We just want a simple GA ticket for Sunday only.

    • Reply
      Simon Purnell says

      Hi Sasha, The re-sellers we feature will need to send to your address. Have you tried contacting the circuit direct?

  34. Reply
    Per says

    Bought 4 tickets for the spa grand prix from :formula1.com, has anyone had any experience from this company?


    • Reply
      Simon Purnell says

      That’s the official site so you shouldn’t have any problems

  35. Reply
    Sarah says

    Hi I am looking for 2 general admission tickets fri-Sunday for Italy which would be the best website to use we live in Republic of Ireland. Thankyou

    • Reply
      Simon Purnell says

      You should be able to buy from any of the re-sellers promoted on our site.

  36. Reply
    Clive says

    Hi, I’m looking to buy 6 general admission tickets to the Spanish GP in May and was wondering if it’s possible to buy them at the door?

    • Reply
      Simon Purnell says

      Hi Clive, I’m not sure if it’s possible and if they sell out in advance. I know there was Grandstand seats empty for the race but not sure about General admission.

  37. Reply
    Philip says

    Hi there. I am a dedicated and passionate F1 fan of over 15 years and have never been to see a live race. My 40th birthday is coming up next year and I am looking to spoil myself to seeing a race at Belgium with some pals. As usual and expected, I am very anxious, worried and fearful of the type of tickets I get, the views and also getting best value for money. What type of tickets would you suggest for a group that give us the best view? We are all F1 nuts and don’t mind splashing out a little if it means us having an unbelievable experience. Your advise on the tickets to buy and agent (to source them from), would be most helpful. Thanks

    • Reply
      Philip says

      Hi Simon and the team. I posted some comments requesting your assistance at the start of the year and would appreciate any info you are able to provide like you’ve done for many other fans! Thanks for your help.

  38. Reply
    Siddhant says

    Hi, i am planning to travel from India to watch Monaco grand prix just for sunday. Do guide which is better, Grandstand C or Z1 in terms of location on track and action? Also how about general admission tickets of secteur rocher?

    • Reply
      Simon Purnell says

      General admission are great value but this part of the circuit can get very busy. Some fans arrive very early to get the best spots as there’s no allocated seating. I would recommend Z1 over grandstand C is it’s amongst the main group of fans and viewing arreas.

  39. Reply
    Anthony smith says

    we will be on holiday in Italy over the gp weekend and am wondering if buy general admission tickets at the circuit on the day.also would these tickets cost more than the normal price

  40. Reply
    Scott says

    From the U.K. and looking for tickets for Abu Dhabi general admission. Searched everywhere but, sold out. The only place I have came across is Viagogo. Not sure about this site as it’s got bad press. Does anyone know any other sites, advice or can you buy on the gate? Any info would be much appreciated Thanks

  41. Reply
    montse says

    Hi Simon,

    I just bought F1 tickets for Monza through viagogo they took 3 months to send me the tickets, now that I have them it seems that the buyer bought them through another company called TICKETONE from Italy. How can I check if my two tickets are real? They seem like real with their QR code and bar scan and various numbers and details on the track and official logos, but is there a way to check at the F1 site?

  42. Reply
    Danielle Graham says

    Has anyone bought tickets from GlobalTickets, they are currently selling Monza 2022 tickets and I really want to secure them as they haven’t went on sale anywhere else apart from the official Monza website?


  43. Reply
    Laureen says

    Looking for Abhu dabhi F1 tickets for 2 please help

  44. Reply
    Ben says

    Is gpticketshop.com a legit site? Nervous of spending huge amounts of money for nothing. Why can’t they send the tickets when we pay? Why only send them 10 days before the race?

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