Ranked by most drivers as among their favourite tracks, Belgium’s Spa-Francorchamps circuit is a real gem on the calendar. One of the most historic tracks, this one is very fast with big elevation changes and sweeping bends. With the picturesque Ardennes forest as a backdrop, and notoriously changeable weather conditions, it has everything Formula 1 fans need for a great weekend. Belgium has also seen some of the most terrible accidents in Formula 1, due to the insanely unpredictable weather conditions.

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Spa-Francorchamps: Steeped in history, very exciting, and super-fast

Trailing the lines of the Ardennes Mountains, the Spa-Francorchamps circuit sits between the villages of Spa and Francorchamps. The unpredictable weather is a very distinguishable feature of the Belgian Grand Prix; at one stage in its history it had rained at theSpa circuit for twenty years in a row.

Spa-Francorchamps is a scenic and historical circuit, a favourite of many drivers and fans, making it one of the most popular races on the Formula One calendar.

Spa is particularly famous for its water. The Romans were apparently the first people to discover Spa’s natural springs deep in the Ardennes Mountains. It comes as no surprise then, that the biggest industry in the town is the famous bottled water company – Spa.

One of the most dangerous corners on the lap is Pouhon, which in English means ‘water well.’ It is a downhill corner and in very heavy rain water can gather here, making it extremely difficult to pass. TheArdennes has a micro-climate of its own, sowet tyres can be expected.The Belgian Grand Prix was designated the European Grand Prix six times between 1925 and 1973. Spa-Francorchamps’ position on the calendar often means that the results of the race are also decisive in the outcome of the entire season.

Spa Driving challenges

Spa-Francorchamps is known for its unpredictable weather. The rain affects the adherence of the track, often drenching it on one end while the other remains completely bone dry. Teams have to think carefully about which tactics they use here at Belgium.

Eau Rouge corner, with its high speed and sudden elevation change, is one of Formula One racing’s most technically demanding corners. This super-fast circuit remains the longest track on the calendar.

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  1. Reply
    lisa says

    hi there
    my family and I are planning to attend the Belgium GP on a general admission weekend pass. we will be staying in Leige. will there be transport from there to the track and to get back to Leige? if so what is the cost and how can I get my tickets as I live in Melbourne Australia and we will be leaving here on the 15th August 2015, can I pic them up at the gate on the Saturday?

    • Reply
      Simon says

      Hi Lisa

      We haven’t heard good things about transport from Leige to Spa. There is a service from the station but we understand it’s not that frequent and can be a squeeze. The circuit organisers seem to be more interested in people that drive to the circuit. My recommendation would be contact the hotel you’re planning to stay in and see what they can arrange or if it’s not too late check out accommodation at the circuit. Some of the campsites offer some great deals on pre erected tents.

      As for tickets if you book via Gootickets.com they will ship tickets to you. There’s a promotion on at the moment so it’s worth buying sooner rather than later.



    • Reply
      Dale says

      you will have a great time at spa i stayed at camping f1 which was good they have a big marquee with bar and entertainment and if you do a package it includes breakfast and coach transfers view are awesome for the money i wouldnt even both with grand stand at spa as views are good we wandered around the track over weekend but done rivage corner saturday p3 and kemmel straight to see cars flat out in qualifying and on the sunday get to the track early as it gets busy but we went to the bus stop chicane last corners for race as was good for overtaking but was quite busy by about 9 these are the photos i took in general admission to give you an idea of what you get for your money https://www.flickr.com/photos/52959851@N06/albums

      • Reply
        Simon Purnell says

        Hi Dale

        Thank you for sharing your experience at Spa, would you mind if we posted some of your pictures on the site? Are you travelling to any other races this year?

  2. Reply
    Nick feather says

    I’m heading to spa this year and we’re camping at l’eau rouge. Just wondering if you guys know what this place is like? We’re on a stag do so not worried about noise etc (won’t be making loads of noise either). Just wondering is it possible to park cars next to the tents? Also is it possible to get them out of the campsite once they’re parked up to visit the supermarket etc? Also any tips on buying beer, where to eat etc (not planning on doing any cooking).

    • Reply
      Simon Purnell says

      Hi Nick,
      You can see some reviews on the site at http://goo.gl/Rk5b53. Sounds like facilities are good. Space is a bit cramped but this is the same with most Camp sites for the Belgium Grand Prix. This site is about 30 minutes walk from the circuit, although they do run shuttles. Not sure if it’s worth taking bikes if possible. I’d recommend stopping at a larger Supermarket in Spa on route rather than using the local stores to the circuit. There’s a number of Bars and Restaurants in Francorchamps which is where most people hag out.

      If you can share any tips, photos or even do a review about your trip. we’d be happy to share with other F1 Fans.

      • Reply
        Nick feather says

        thanks Simon. Are there any decent restaurants & bars worth checking out? Having never been I have no idea of distances etc. is francorchamp close by in terms of walking or is it car/bus ride?

        Many thanks

  3. Reply
    Oliver says

    I’m going to the Grand Prix this yr with my brother
    We are camping at the green campsite at the circuit does anyone know when it opens for us to start pitching our tents. And do they allow generators to be run next to your tent for electricity
    Also what time is the autograph session and how do you get it

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