If you’re looking for some inspiration on where to sit at the Autodromo di Monza, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve created the guide below to be as helpful as possible in advising you to pick a place to watch the next Italian Grand Prix from. We’ve taken into account the best place for overtaking, likely place for spins and crashes, the best atmosphere and proximity to the facilities. It’s all covered and we’ve ranked it in order of our personal opinion.

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#1 Start/finish straight

Grandstands 1 (Centrale), 4 (Laterale Sinistra), 5 (Piscina), 23 (Parabolica Interna A and B), 24 (Vedano) and 26 (Laterale Destra A, B and C)

Undoubtedly the most popular place to watch the race from, the grandstands at the start/finish straight are always the first to sell out. With good views of the pre-race build up, the start of the race and of course the cars passing the chequered flag and crossing the finish line, there is plenty of excitement and this part of the circuit will be bustling with spectators. The podium celebrations also take place here, so it really is one of the best places to watch the Italian GP from. Grandstands 1, 4, 5 and 26 will have the best views of the start/ finish line, but 23 and 24 also enjoy good views of Curva Parabolica. They will also have partial views of the pit lane, which can be very exciting. There are plenty of big TV screens visible from all of these grandstands, so spectators can follow the rest of the race.

#2 Curva Parabolica

Grandstands 21 (Laterale Parabolica A, B, C, D and E), 22 (Parabolica) and 23 (Parabolica Interna A and B)

The last corner before the start/finish line, Curva Parabolica is one of the most important (and of course exciting) corners of the whole circuit. It is a right hand turn where cars will be doing speeds of around 187km/h in 4th gear. There is a good possibility of oversteering or understeering through this fast sweeping corner, which can make for some very interesting viewing. Grandstand 21 is situated at the end of the back straight, with sections A, B and C having the best views of the final corner. Stand 22 is right on the corner itself, with the best views of Curva Parabolica. 23 is close to the entrance to the pit lane, has good views of the final corner and overlooks the start/finish line. TV screens are also visible at this corner so spectators won’t miss a single bit of race action.

#3 Rettifilo Tribune

4 (Laterale Sinistra) and 5 (Piscina)

The Rettifilo Tribune is just after the start/finish straight. This is quite a long straight where cars can reach speeds of around 337km/h in 7th gear. The pit lane exit is also located here, so watching the race from this part of the track can be very exciting. Grandstands 4 and 5 also have good views of the start/finish straight. There is a big TV screen visible from these grandstands, so spectators can follow the rest of the race action.

#4 Variante del Rettifilo

Grandstands 6 (Alta Velocita A, B and C) and 8 (Prima Variante A and B)

The first corner of the track at Monza, Variante del Rettifilo is a very exciting one. After the long, fast straight of the Rettifilo tribune, the cars must brake to make the sharp right hand turn. The cars will slow right down to around 80km/h in second gear to navigate this right hander, followed quickly by a sharp left hand turn. Grandstands 6 and 8 have the best views of this corner, with TV screens visible from all of them. The start/finish line is also visible from parts of grandstand 6. This chicane is one of the heaviest braking zones in Formula 1.

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#5 Variante Ascari

Grandstands 12 (Ascari Tre), 13 (Ascari Due), 15 (Ascari Uno) and 16 (Ascari)

Corner 7 of the circuit, Variante Ascari is quite a quick corner, with cars driving at speeds of around 200km/h in 4th gear. Many grandstands are situated at this part of the circuit, so it is a busy and exciting place to watch the race from. Grandstands 12, 13, 15 and 16 are situated right on the corner of Variante Ascari. There are big TV screens directly opposite these grandstands too, making this a popular location for spectators.

After Variante Ascari

Grandstands 19 (Outer Ascari B) and 20 (Museo) are situated on the straight between Variante Ascari and Curva Parabolica and have good views of the exits/entrances of both of these corners.

#6 Curva Biassono

Grandstands 8 (Prima Variante A and B) and 9 (Seconda Variante)

Curva Biassono (also called Curva Grande) is a long, fast curve, where cars will be doing speeds of around 290km/h in 6th gear. After slowing down for Variante del Rettifilo, cars speed up quickly for this long right hander. Grandstands 8 and 9 have the best views of this section of the track, with good views of the TV screens for watching the rest of the race.

#7 Curva del Serraglio

Grandstands 12 (Ascari Tre) and 13 (Ascari Due)

Serraglio is very fast and although a corner, almost straight. Cars will be flat out racing at speeds of around 334km/h in 7th gear. Faster cars will have a good opportunity for overtaking here. Grandstands 12 and 13 will have good views of this fast section of the track, again with a large TV screen to see what else is happening during the race.

#8 Variante della Roggia

Grandstands 9 (Seconda Variante) and 10 (Roggia)

Corner number 3 of the circuit, Variante della Roggia is another potentially interesting one, because cars have to slow right down from the long curve of Curva Biassono. Cars will be driving at speeds of around 120km/h in third gear here. The drivers need careful control, as the curbs are much higher than at other parts of the circuit, so cars can bounce off them quite lot here. There is also an overtaking possibility, when the cars are braking hard to make the left hand turn. Grandstand 9 hasexcellent views of this corner as well as Curva Biassono. Grandstand 10 is also directly opposite Roggio.There is a TV screen visible from both of these grandstands.

#9 Curve di Lesmo

Corners 4 and 5 make up Curve di Lesmo (Lesmo 1 and Lesmo 2). They are both long, 90 degree right hand turns and can be driven at very high speeds. At corner 4, cars will usually be driving at around 173km/h in 4th gear and at corner 5, 270km/h in 6th gear. Although no grandstand directly overlooks this part of the track, general admission ticket holders can walk to the inside of each corner and enjoy F1 in its rawest form out in the forest.

General Admission at the Autodromo di Monza

General admission tickets are great value for money. There are many places around the circuit that you can access with a general admission ticket. Not the conventional seated grandstands, these areas include mounds and small shaded stands around the inside of the track. If there are seats, they are not numbered so be sure to get there early for the best viewing spots. It might also be an idea to bring fold away chairs and binoculars for some parts of general admission.

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  1. Reply
    Claire says

    Hi there, I want to take my husband for his birthday – I am on a budget so I was thinking of getting General Admission tickets for Sunday. It seems like if you get there early you can find a good space to see? Is the race shown on big screens also? Many thanks!

  2. Reply
    Bryan says

    Just received your brochure today, thanks.
    I am looking for a grandstand with cover, 23 would suit my choice of viewing. Can you confirm this is covered, is there a seat allocation and when can I book a seat.
    Many thanks.

  3. Reply
    Feroz Khan says

    Hi James! Thanks for the info. i am coming all the way from Indiab to watch the race and I am on a budget. I have seen the races on TV and have seen these green patches where people can sit and watch. Could you advise exactly where to go and sit and how early do I have to get there to get a good spot? Thanks!

    • Reply
      Simon Purnell says

      Hi Feroz, You need to book General Admission – Rocher. The current price for Sunday race day is £75.

  4. Reply
    Andy says

    Went on the first corner in 2010 and 2012. Awesome view. Make sure you take a cushion as the seats are the most uncomfortable things ever. Going again this year but only bought general admission this time. Would be interested to know where the best viewing area for general admission is.

  5. Reply
    Viv McCarthy says

    Apart from those on the main straight, which stands are covered. We spent 3 days at Paul Ricard withno cover and literally cooked!

  6. Reply
    Pawel Hyrkiel says

    So going to monza this year. Trying to decide between start finish (either directly around midfield) or prima variante. Which is better?

    • Reply
      Simon Purnell says

      Hi Pawel, It’s very much down to personal choice. There is likely to be more action at Prima Variante but the Start Finish has it’s advantages being opposite the pits.

    • Reply
      John says

      As Simon says, it is personal choice. But personally, I’ve attended multiple open-wheel races over the past 15+ years and I’ve only sat in the start/finish area once. The corners are where the action is and where mistakes are made and/or exploited. I’m planning on being at Monza this year as well and have bought a ticket in 6C (prima variante).

      You can always see who won on the TV screens but seeing first hand as someone goes too hot into a corner and someone behind him squeezes by… well…. that’s racing at its finest!

  7. Reply
    Carl Davenport says

    My wife has bought us general admission tickets for the 2019 Italian F1, is it worth upgrading our tickets? We are on a budget so wondering if theirs much difference between our tickets and the lower end of the priced tickets? I’ve been quoted €380 for two tickets in Curva parabolica : (21d) Laterale Parabolica D

    • Reply
      ashley says

      thinking the same i booked for my partner as a package thing with hotel and weekend general admission seems if u dont get there early its hard to see just very expensive for anything else

  8. Reply
    Petre says

    Hi everyone. I’ve got tickets for the Prado section. Anyone know where that is? Cheers

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