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Autodromo Nazionale Monza SIAS Spa, via Vedano 5, 20900 Monza, ITALY +39 039.2482.1

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This is how the Autodromo Nazionale Monza looks from above. It’s set in a dense forest, north of Milan.

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Travel advice for the Italian Grand Prix in Monza

The Autodromo Nazionale Monza is located at the small town of Monza, about 16km northeast of Milan. Access to the racetrack from Milan is very easy.

By car from Milan use the A1 and A4 motorway, turning off onto the S36 local road that leads directly to Monza. During the race weekend the circuit will be clearly signposted. The drive is less than 30 minutes. There is plenty of parking at the Monza racing circuit, but you will need to buy a parking permit and these are not cheap.

The train from Milan Central Railway station to the Monza Station (Stazione di Monza) takes just 15 minutes. There is then a free shuttle bus service from Monza Station to the race track. Monza can also be easily reached by train from many other major Italian cities.

By plane, the Malpensa Airport 40km to the northwest of Milan serves international flights into Italy. Access to Milan from the airport is cheap and easy using the Malpensa Express train. From Malpensa Airport the track is about 50km away. There is also Linate Airport, to the east of Milan that serves both domestic Italian and European flights. The number 73 bus provides a direct link to Milan’s city centre. Linate Airport is located only 20km from the Monza racing circuit.

There is also a helicopter service to the track from Milan that lands on the heliport inside the racing circuit.

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    Cheryl Aldred says

    We have contacted the helicopter company that bills itself as the partner company of F1 to get people to the track, they do not return e-mails. Our travel agent has also called and e-mailed, no response. We have used the helicopter service for the Monaco GP several times and cannot understand why this is such a difficult thing to do in Italy. Any suggestions? We have purchased Paddock Club tickets and would like a fast and easy way to get to the track without traffic and crowds. Thank you.

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      Simon Purnell says

      Hi Cheryl

      Are you able to share the name of the Helicopter company? I’ve had a look around and the number of companies is limited.

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