We’ve teamed up with Gootickets to offer you a 10% discount on Gold Grandstand tickets at the 2014 Belgium Grand Prix. The discounts can be used in the stands Gold 1, Gold 4, Gold 6, Gold 7, Gold 9, and Gold 10.

10% Discount on Gold Grandstand- Click here and us code SUMMER

What type of F1 Fan are you? Gootickets have helped us profile the best stand for your viewing preference.

Main Straight Master

If the Start and Finish are what matter most then you should definitely aim for a Spot in Gold 1 and Gold 9. These stands offer unbeatable views of the Main Straight, the starting grid, the rush to the Finish, the pit lane and the Podium Ceremony. With Chequered flags and Champagne Showers guaranteed, fans here also enjoy clear sights of the Pit Lane, enabling a good overview of Race strategies.


What you like about Formula 1 is the risk of the sport. Speed on a straight is ok, but overtaking in tight bends is so much more interesting at a high speed. If sharp corners and chicanes are your candy, we recommend you go for Gold 6 or Gold 7. Gold 6 offers views of the tracks last chicane which lies yards away from the start and finish line and is one of the circuit’s key-overtaking points.  In Gold 7, you’ll be facing Turn 1, a place to be to witness the best overtaking and eventual crashing, especially throughout the first part of the race.

Heritage Hedonist

In your mind, attending a renowned circuit such as Spa-Francorchamps inevitably means watching the race from a legendary sector to truly breathe-in Formula 1 Heritage and emphasise the experience. In this case, opt for Grandstands Gold 4 and Gold 10 which lay in the legendary Raidillon-Eau Rouge sector, facing turns 3, 4 and 5. This section of the track is one the circuit’s most inspiring, combining high-speed and technique as the cars storm through delicate turns.

10% Discount on Gold Grandstand- Click here and us code SUMMER

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