We spoke to GooTickets.com today who say their GP Advantage offer for the Australian Grand Prix ends on the 31st December 2013.

What is GP Advantage? Any fans who are heading to Melbourne with a 4 day / 4 corner grandstand ticket will receive a whole host of extra benefits over other fans – providing they book before the 31st December.

The GP Advantage offer includes the following:

  • Automatic entry into the draw for a chance to WIN: A Swisse Formula 1® Two-Seater ride at the 2014 Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix; ‘Behind the Scenes Day’; ‘Main Straight Walk’
  • Access to the Silver level of the GP Advantage bar
  • First access to the Autograph stage line on the Thursday of the event
  • A collectable ticket
  • And more… (not sure what else although the four above look pretty cool)

This is only available to fans who purchase a “4-CORNER PACKAGE” ticket from GooTickets. Simply put: your ticket will reserve you a seat in 4 completely different grandstands on each of the 4 days at the Australian Grand Prix. The main advantage is getting to see F1 cars at four unique parts of the amazing Albert Park circuit.

GooTickets offer 4 variations of these special tickets as outlined below. The more expensive the ticket, the better the view will be on the all important Sunday afternoon:

  • Brabham (Sun), Fangio (Sat), Jones (Fri), Clark (Thu) £290.56
  • Fangio (Sun), Brabham (Sat), Clark (Fri), Jones (Thu) £278.77
  • Jones (Sun), Clark (Sat), Brabham (Fri), Fangio (Thu) £278.77
  • Clark (Sun), Jones (Sat), Fangio (Fri), Brabham (Thu) £243.40

To see what ticket is best for you, we highly recommend checking out the the tickets on GooTickets own Australian GP page here.

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