The Russian Grand Prix, hosted in Sochi’s Olympic Park, is located just 30km from Sochi city centre. The city provides frequent transport links to the circuit on the weekend of the event, with a range of accommodation options for spectators to choose from for the duration of their stay.

Check out our travel and accommodation guide below for tips on the most convenient way to get to the Sochi circuit, and where to stay.

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Sochi International Airport is the closest airport to the circuit, located just 10km away. There are no direct flights from the UK to Sochi, so you will need to stop over in Moscow to reach Sochi by plane. From here, you can take a taxi directly to the circuit.


Parking is restricted at the circuit, so using the good public transport links is recommended when travelling to the circuit. However, if you still wish to take your own vehicle to the race, you will need to acquire a parking permit in order to park at the track.


There is an Aeroexpress train running from Sochi International Airport to Sochi city centre frequently, taking approximately 45 minutes. From Sochi, ticket holders can use the frequent trains to the Olympic Park Station, which is conveniently located close to the gate.


There are also many buses that travel to the Olympic Park Station, and this is often a more convenient method of travel from your accommodation to the circuit and back than taking private transportation. Speak with your hotel for details of the nearest bus stop to you.


Often considered one of the top sporting hubs in Russia, Sochi city centre provides an extensive range of accommodation options for visitors to the Russian Grand Prix. Ranging from campsites with stunning scenery, to luxury hotels, you are guaranteed to find an accommodation option to suit your budget.

Popular areas include the district of Lazarevskoe, which has several more budget friendly hostels and hotels. Venture into Central Sochi for more luxury options, amongst which you will find a wealth of entertainment for your evenings, including beautiful scenery, and multiple spas located around natural mineral springs that should not be missed for a relaxing evening.

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