Where is the Russian Grand Prix?

The Russian Grand Prix is hosted in the resort of Sochi, taking place on the circuit built within the Olympic Park.

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How long is the circuit?

The Sochi Autodrom is 5.84km (3.7mi).

Is there parking onsite?

Spectators may mark onsite at the circuit, however you will need to apply for a parking permit in order to do so.

What is the nearest airport?

The closest airport to the circuit is Sochi International Airport, which is located approximately 10km from the event.

What accommodation options are there for the event?

There are many accommodation options to suit all budgets located around the resort of Sochi; for more information, see our Travel & Accommodation guide here.

Where is best to sit?

The Sochi race track offers a range of thrilling seating options to view the event from, ranging from the more budget friendly General Admission options to luxury Grand Stand tickets. For more information on the best places to sit, check our ‘Where to Sit’ Guide here.

Will there be food and drink available to purchase?

Yes, there is a wide range of food and beverage stands throughout the Sochi circuit, located mainly around the various Grand Stands. Here, ticket holders will be treated to a wide variety of cuisine options for budget friendly prices.

What is the weather typically like?

The weather can be fairly unpredictable, with past seasons being both dry and hot as well as extremely wet. Spectators should prepare for all eventualities!

What currency will I need?

Russia’s local currency is the Ruble.

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