We’ve put together the following Belgian Grand Prix Questions and Answers based on fan requests we’ve received over the last few years. If you have anything to add or have any further questions, please get in touch.

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We’d like to provide more information on camping at the Belgian Grand Prix, so if can share your own experience we’ll look to add a new page specific to camp sites around Spa.

What are the car parking arrangements?

The best way to ensure you get parking at the Belgian Grand Prix is to obtain a car park E-ticket in advance.
Buy the ticket online through the Belgian Grand Prix official website or via resellers such as BookF1.
You will receive the E-ticket to your email address.
Print the E-ticket on an A4 sized sheet and paste it on the windscreen of your car.
The bar code on the E-ticket will validate your parking at the various checkpoints at the circuit.

What is the nearest airport to Spa?

The Belgian Grand Prix takes place at Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium. The nearest city to the Belgian Grand Prix circuit is Brussels which has two airports – Brussels Zaventem (BRU) and Brussels South Charleroi (CRL). From the airport, take a train or coach to reach the circuit.

What is the nearest train station?

The nearest station is Brussels central station. If you are travelling from the UK, take the Eurostar from central London to reach Brussels central station. Then take a train to Spa or Verviers, from there you can use the shuttle service to reach the Belgian Grand Prix circuit. Alternatively take a train to Liege, which is also well connected to the circuit by buses.

Can we take food and drinks (alcohol) into the circuit?

It’s advisable to take your own food to the venue. There aren’t too many food stalls at the Belgian Grand Prix circuit, which means that there may be long queues to buy food. And the food is quite “samey” – chips, chips, chips and probably horse meat burgers.

Officially, alcohol from outside is not permitted at the circuit and could be confiscated during the routine bag search at the entrance. But from my own experience and many others, there’s never a problem, in fact many fans take ice coolers full of beer into the circuit without an issue.

What hotels are near to Belgian Grand Prix circuit?

You can choose from a range of hotels near the towns of Spa, Francorchamps, Stavelot, Malmedy, Waimes and Liege. Book a hotel online through websites such as Booking.com and hotels-n-europe.com.
Tip – Book your room several months or more in advance to ensure you get a hotel closer to the circuit.

Does Belgian Grand Prix circuit have camping facilities?

Yes, many! And it’s not necessary to book with so many available. Check out our Belgium Grand Prix review for information on a popular site to the south of the circuit (Near Les Combes corner).

Other sites include:

The Young Village is located just 1.5 km from the Belgian Grand Prix circuit – Book Here

Spa Circuit Camp Site – Book Here

Elephant Camping – Book Here

Camping Spa d’Or – Book Here

How long is the Belgian Grand Prix circuit?

The Belgian Grand Prix track length is 7.004 km. The longest on the F1 calendar!

What is the weather at Belgian Grand Prix circuit?

Surrounded by the Ardennes forest and small farms, the Belgian Grand Prix circuit is known for its unpredictable weather. The track is so long that it may be raining on one section, and be completely dry on the other. So regardless of the weather outside your hotel or tent, carry your umbrella or raincoat to the circuit. Check the latest conditions and forecast for Spa-Francorchamps here.

What currency will I need?

The Belgian currency is the Euro (€).

What is the zip code for Belgian Grand Prix circuit?

The zip code is 4970. To search directions to the Belgian Grand Prix circuit on your sat nav or smartphone, enter the following address:-
Circuit De Spa-Francorchamps,
S.A.,Route du Circuit, 55 (B) 4970 – Francorchamps

What are the map coordinates for Belgian Grand Prix circuit?

The map coordinates for Belgian Grand Prix circuit are:

If you have any question or useful tips for fellow fans please get in touch.

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  1. Reply
    Chris Huish says

    Is the campsite open for travellers to spend more time there after the gran prix finishes?

    • Reply
      Simon Purnell says

      How long are you thinking? I stayed for an extra night the year before last without a problem.

  2. Reply
    Al limburn says

    Can you take your own portable chair into Circuit

    • Reply
      Simon Purnell says

      Yes no problem

  3. Reply
    Stephen Magney says

    I have car park tickets yellow for this year, I am in Gold 4 Eua Rouge, I have walking difficulties and have been offered Hospitality parking, but nobody seems to know where this is, can anyone enlighten me please?
    Also, we are staying in a hotel in HUY, on non race day conditions would take just over an hour to drive, what time would it be advisable to leave to get inside the car park for 11am please?
    Can I get the shuttle bus from Liege?

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