The main general admission area at the Barcelona Circuit de Catalunya is between turn 5 and turn 9 offering some of the best views of the track. The large grass banks on this part of the circuit provide great close viewing for all spectators.

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With Spanish grand prix general admission ticket prices starting at just £96 for a 3 day ticket, general admission entry proves great value for money compared to many of the more expensive European F1 races. Saying that this area is popular, so I recommend arriving early to choose the best spot! Facilities include a bar which serves food as well as local beer, snacks, toilet block and a picnic area in close by wooded area.

Other general admission areas include the inside of of turn 3 to turn 4 the section now well known for Alonso’s crash in during pre season testing. The outside of turn 3 running to the entry of turn 4. The first part of the straight between turn 9 and turn 10. This area also provides easy access to a number of retail outlets, refreshments and toilets.

I walked the circuit during pre season testing and would recommend the general admission area by turn 8 with it’s large grass banks and close proximity to the track side.

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  1. Reply
    Vicky says

    Hi I’m coming to the Spanish Grand Prix this year with my husband. I have reduced mobility and will be coming in a wheelchair and want to know the best place/grandstand to sit please. Thanks

  2. Reply
    Phil Cross says

    Hi mate wheres the best part of general admission to see alot of the track

    • Reply
      Simon Purnell says

      Hi Phil, I think the bank just before corner 9 is a good shout. There’s a large bank here so if you find a good spot your view won’t be blocked. You’re also close to toilets and refreshments. Enjoy!

  3. Reply
    Grace Lowe says

    Got tickets for Grand Prix and having mobility problems just waiting for a hip replacement . Is there anywhere where I could hire help with mobility . Thank you

    • Reply
      Simon Purnell says

      Hi Grace, I’m unable to find anything on hiring assistance at the circuit. Where do you have tickets for?

  4. Reply
    Danny says

    What’s the best time to arrive for general admission to ensure a good spot, first time to see F1 at BCN

    • Reply
      Simon Purnell says

      Hi Danny, The timetable hasn’t been released, but I understand gates will open from 8am.

  5. Reply
    Ben james says

    Got tickets for general admission is it best and are you allowed to take camping chairs in with you? Otherwise do you just have to sit on the grass or is there any seats? Thankyou Ben

    • Reply
      Simon Purnell says

      Hi Ben, The official answer from the circuit; Yes, but must be a “normal” size and they can not bother other spectators!

  6. Reply
    Rohan says

    Hi. I am going for the race next month with my wife. I have bought Pelouse ticket. I read your suggestion that we should sit by turn 8. But I was thinking to sit between turn 6 and 7 because nit only there is screen but also can see part of finish straight action at a distance.
    Having said that, please tell me pros and cons of your and my suggestion that will enable me to decide which is the best general admission area to catch our place at.
    Further, can you tell me what time do the gates open in the morning on race day?! I don’t want to take any chance and want to catch my spot as early as possible. And if you can also help with the nearest gate to reach that spot.
    Sorry for too many questions. I actually tried seeing several videos on YouTube, but still not able to decide to catch the best action and as near to the track as possible. Thanks!!

    • Reply
      Simon Purnell says

      Hi Rohan,

      It’s very much down to personal preference. I enjoyed the section between 8 – 9 and felt closer to the circuit. You can see across to the main straight from 6 – 7 but it’s still quite a distance. I will email you some pictures separately so you can see.

      The timetable for the event hasn’t been released yet but the opening times are expected to be 8am. This is Gate 7 which is nearest to the section between corners 7 – 9.

      • Reply
        kostas says

        Hello Simon , I need your advise about something. I bought a general admission ticket for the race . As far as I am concerned I think the best place to enjoy the race is turn 6-7 because you also can watch the screen from there. I think its also important because you can follow the race. I need your view about that, and finally is only one screen for general admission ticket ? I also dont know how many hours earlier its good to arrive there in order to find a good place .

        thank you

        • Reply
          Frances says

          Hola!! No encuentro tickets para el domingo directo de la página F1. Conseguí “General Admission” en página Viagogo. Conocen si es confiable?

  7. Reply
    Jonathan Startin says

    Hi Simon,

    Is inner track access an optional extra like for example Silverstone, or do all general admission tickets have access to the inner track?

    Kind regards

    • Reply
      Simon Purnell says

      Hi Jonathan,
      General admission tickets include do include some access to the inner circuit. General admission includes the following access..
      – Turns 3 and 4, where the cars accelerate fast into a sweeping hair-pin turn.
      – Turns 5, 6 and 7, where the cars accelerate downhill into turns 6 before taking a sharp left through turn 7.
      – Between turns 9 and 10 where the cars will activate DRS throughout the race in the hope of gaining an advantage over their competitors.

      • Reply
        Clinton Piggott says

        Dear Simon,
        I’m not sure if you received my first message
        We went last year and found it were difficult to follow the race Is there an English radio commentary we can listen to during the race ?? We sat in a very small area last year with a view of the cars coming down the start straight and into turn 1/2 but it got very busy just before race time, being nearly trampled on. Going to try 6/7 or 8/9 this year Will decide when we are there. Forget returning to your car when the race has finished, wait and relax for an hour or better 2. Do the gates open at 7 or 8am ??
        We did have a fabulous 2 days
        Thanks for all the info on your website
        Clinton, Jodie n Jaasmine
        Here’s hoping for a Aston Martin/ Alonso win.

  8. Reply
    kostas says

    Hello Simon, I made a comment and above but I do not know if it was sent. I wanted to ask which point in your opinion is the most ideal place with the general admission ticket and If I also want this to have a screen then I have only one choice? ( turn 6-7 )?

    Thank you

  9. Reply
    giovanni says

    Hola Simon,

    i would like to know if there is any place in which you can see one of the big screens so you can follow the race while seing the cars passing in front of you



  10. Reply
    Simon says

    Can the general admission areas be accessed on grandstand seat tickets?



    • Reply
      Simon Purnell says

      Yes, you will walk through the general admission areas to access the grandstands.



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