The cheapest Formula 1 Grand Prix tickets on the F1 calendar are at the Malaysian Grand Prix at the Sepang International Circuit. Check out our guide below on where best to sit.

General Admission

The cheapest tickets are for entry to the Hill Stand, starting at just £11 (in 2015) for a three day pass. That’s the total price not a per day rate! The Hill Stand is a grass blank at corner 11. For an additional £7 (2015 prices) you can book the covered area on the same Hill Stand.

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The cheapest seating area is stand F which has views of turns 6, 7 and 8. The F stand overlooks both the North and South sides of the circuit. The stand has reserved seating is undercover and has views of large screens.

The Tower Stand

The Tower Grandstand is located between the front and back straights and provides an almost 360 degree view of the track. There isn’t any large TV’s in view but with a 360 panoramic view you don’t really need one.

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Sepang Mall Area Grandstand

The Mall Area is split into Upper and Lower sections. The Mall Area is located in between the two main straights. Topaz and Citrine sections are on the south side and don’t have views of the pits.

Lower Tier
The lower section has 5 sections; Citrine the cheapest has views of the South section and up to 6 corners. Garnet is opposite the Pit Entry and has views of turn 6 and 7. Turquoise section is located at the North of the Mall and is opposite Pit bays 19 – 30. The Turquoise seats also have views of the pit exit and the Chicane. Jade section in the Lower Mall Area Grandstand is opposite pits 7 – 18 and has a view of the start line. The Crystal section is the most expensive area of the lower mall. The Crystal section is opposite Pit bays 1 to 7. This section also includes views of the start/finish line and the podium.

Upper Tier
There are 5 sections in the upper tier the cheapest section is Topaz and the most expensive is Sapphire, Emerald and Diamond section. Topaz is above the Citrine section and has views of the South Section and 6 corners. Ruby section is above Garnet at the Tower end of the Mall and has a view of turn 6 an 7. Ruby also has a view of the Pit entry. Sapphire is located above Turquoise and is opposite Pits 19 to 30 and has a view of the Pit exit. Emerald is opposite Pits 7 to 18 and is located above Jade section.Emerald area is located towards the centre of the Upper Mall section facing pits 7 to 18. Diamond is in the centre of the upper mall above the Crystal section.

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