The Chinese Grand Prix is held just outside of the thriving city of Shanghai, making it a convenient event to travel to and from your accommodation. Choosing the right method of travel, and the best accommodation for your needs and budget, is essential to ensuring you reach the circuit on time every day.

We’ve compiled a useful travel & accommodation guide for the Shanghai Grand Prix.

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Travel tips for the Chinese Grand Prix –


The closest international airport to the Chinese Grand Prix is Shanghai International Airport. From here, you can take a taxi to the circuit, which is just a 45 minute drive away.


The circuit can be conveniently reached by car, being an estimated 60 minutes away from popular accommodation options in Shanghai. However, as a foreign traveller, you will not be legally permitted to drive in China – you may however hire a car with a driver for the duration of the event.


The Shanghai train system tends to be very efficient, with frequent trains to take spectators to Shanghai Circuit Station. This station is conveniently located just 300 yards from Gate 1, allowing you to walk right into the circuit with no hassle.


Taxis are a convenient method of travelling to the Grand Prix, taking approximately 60 minutes from Downtown Shanghai, and just 45 minutes from Shanghai International Airport. However, taxis may be more difficult to locate at the end of the day, so using a public transport method of travel may be a faster option after the event has finished each day.

Chinese Grand Prix Accommodation –

With the Grand Prix based just outside of the thriving city of Shanghai, you will find a multitude of hotels to suit your budget throughout the city. As one of Asia’s liveliest cities, Shanghai offers everything from luxury hotels, to more budget friendly options in the Downtown area. Popular areas for visitors to the Grand Prix event to stay include People’s Square and East Nanjing Road, both providing a lively atmosphere with plenty of restaurants and bars to keep you entertained.

Once the event is over each day, explore your accommodation and the cities surroundings – Shanghai is full of entertainment, stunning architecture and beautiful scenery, so your stay there should be taken full advantage of!


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