Daniel Ricciardo has spectacularly won the 2014 Canadian Grand Prix ahead of Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel. With both Mercedes AMG cars suffering technical gremlins in the middle part of the race, the goal was wide open for another team to take their first victory of the year.

It looked like Williams’ Felipe Massa could step up the plate with fresher tyres than all his rivals ahead of him. But some poor race craft and an eventual huge accident with Sergio Perez put an abrupt end to his winning chances.

Daniel Ricciardo put a mega move on the outside of Perez into turn 1 to take 2nd position, and then an easy DRS pass on the Nico Rosberg down the back straight to take the lead with just 2 laps remaining. Moments later Massa and Perez made high speed contact before the braking zone of turn 1, both smashing into the barrier in dramatic fashion.

The safety car was called with only 1 lap remaining, thus making Ricciardo a Formula 1 race winner for the first time.

Lewis Hamilton, a Canadian fan favourite registered his second DNF of the year after suffering a rear brake failure after the second round of pit stops. Frustratingly for him, he’d actually jumped Nico Rosberg in the pit stop on the same lap that his Mercedes suffered the brake problems. He now faces an huge uphill battle for Championship after falling 22 points behind his team-mate.

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Canadian Grand Prix deal announced

There was positive news announced before the race in the shape and form of a deal done with Formula 1 to keep Montreal on the calendar for another 10 years. Quite easily one of the most popular races, this comes as great news to F1 fans all over the world who enjoy watching the challenges of this very fast, but very tricky circuit each season.

In terms of tickets for the 2015 Canadian Grand Prix, traditionally, tickets are put on sale very soon after the race, perhaps even days after. enterF1.com will of course keep you up to date with all the developments so check back on our Canadian Grand Prix page or check the twitter account: @enterF1.

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