When we saw Asia and her husband living it up at the Canadian Grand Prix, we just had to get a review from them on their day out. Here, Asia describes their mad passion for Formula 1, and how Daniel Ricciardo’s surprise victory went down a storm…

“I was never into auto racing until my dad took me to my first F1 race back in 1997, which happened to be the Canadian Grand Prix. We live in Toronto so Montreal was the closest race on the calendar. I still remember the first time I heard the sound of those engines, so powerful that it practically pierced my ears. I was hooked! And as far as a city with an awesome F1 vibe Montreal is definitely one of the best (in comparison to other races I’ve been to in Indianapolis, Hungary, Singapore & Spain). I have become quite the F1 fanatic and now try to go to at least 2 races per year.

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2014 was my 14th time attending the Canadian Grand Prix and it’s still incredible every time! Even though Montreal is a fairly large city it has a small city feel to it so all the fans that come for the race weekend make their presence known! Not to mention the several popular streets full of awesome bars and restaurants that shut down for non-stop F1 festivities! You can’t go wrong with champagne bottles popping & luxury cars lining the streets, not to mention thousands of people partying everywhere.

“You will definitely find me going back for another 10 years. It’s truly an amazing race…”

Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is a favourite amongst both F1 drivers and fans, with its fast straights & sharp corners. Over the years I have sat at every single grandstand but have come to favour Grandstand 24 right on the hairpin. Its the best angle to see the cars come in quickly, slow down to the take the turn & quickly zoom away, lots of action & never a dull moment. Another amazing aspect of the circuit is that you can bring in your own food & beverage. Naturally we bring in a bottle of champagne every year and toast to the race & amazing weekend! Our tickets include entrance to Friday’s practice sessions, Saturday’s qualifying session & Sunday’s race. The tickets also include access to view the Ferrari Challenge & Formula 1600, which truly makes Montreal an action packed weekend!

A truly memorable experience at any F1 race is to attend one of the many F1 parties that are put on by various teams & sponsors. This year I attended the Moet & Chandon/Infiniti GP F1 Garden Party at the Ritz Carlton. Tickets are available through the hotel, which include an open champagne bar, open bar, food, music & celebs galore! This experience is highly recommended! Also there are many restaurants which are super popular during F1 weekend in Montreal, my personal favourite is Ferreira Cafe. But ensure you make reservations at least a few weeks in advance! The same obviously goes for hotels as fans start to book accommodations months in advance. Obviously the only downfall is that hotels double if not triple their prices for F1 weekend, but its like that in every city that hosts an F1 race.

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This year’s Canadian GP was very exciting, if not the best race so far on the calendar. My husband and I are huge Red Bull Racing fans, so it was great to see both drivers on the podium in Canada! After the race is over the track is opened up to fans and we do our track walk, a tradition we keep year after year.

This year the FIA announced a new contract with the city of Montreal to extend the Canadian GP for another 10 years until 2024, with improvements to the track over the next few years. This was great news because you will definitely find me going back for another 10 years. It’s truly an amazing race, a great city to party in with other F1 fans & an unforgettable experience!”

Asia aka Miss Bubbles

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