Turns 11/12/13 – Incredible direction change

From the Becketts and Club Silverstone grandstand, you are able to see each F1 car for about 10 seconds as they sweep through Maggots and then into Becketts and then onto the Hanger Straight. The aerodynamics on the Formula 1 cars are working at full capacity as they turn from left to right and then again, left to right in the space of a few seconds at immense speed.

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View from Becketts

The series of turns at Becketts do not offer much in the way overtaking as the speeds are too high. However, a lot of lap time can be won or lost by the drivers who liken this section to threading the eye of a needle. It’s about precision and definitely about bravery!

One of the most noticeable things about sitting in the Becketts grandstand is how high and far back you are from the track. There is a large run off area consisting of grass and gravel, and on the outside of the track there is a rather large general admission area for fans. Behind that is where the Becketts grandstand is set. This creates some distance from the F1 cars themselves but you are seated quite high up giving you a big field of view for this section of the circuit.

The extra loop added to the Silverstone track is now clearly visible from the Becketts and Club Silverstone grandstand meaning you get even more for your money. Village Corner and The Loop are within view, as it the blast down the Wellington Straight

Club Silverstone vs Becketts Grandstands

These two grandstands are essentially one and offer the same views. A Club Silverstone ticket offers fans a car parking pass (1 per 3 tickets purchased), an event programme and other souvenirs, as well as access to a private marquee where you can mingle and purchase food and beverages.

Craig Smith: Will never forget watching Lewis on his pole lap from here.

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    Chris Jepson says

    great place to sit but take a coat even if it’s extremely hot!!

  2. Reply
    Jason says

    Is there a dress code for sitting in becketts

  3. Reply
    Sharon says

    I have tickets in beckets, row h. Can anyone tell me if this is block 1,2,3 or 4.

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