Up and coming rookies will get a shot at driving a Formula 1 car when Silverstone hosts the 2013 young drivers test in July.

Commencing over 3 days between July 17th and 19th, all 11 F1 teams will be in action. Teams will be able to run drivers with no more than two Grand Prix experience in a bid to keep the focus on testing young talent which may eventually make it to Formula 1 permanently.

Williams third driver, female Susie Wolff will get the chance to drive after only formally completing straight line tests for the British team.

Other teams will run up and coming drivers from single seater lower ranks such as GP2 and GP3 with driver announcements to be made in due course.

It’s welcome news for British F1 fans that will get the chance to feel and smell Formula 1 up close for the second time this year. The 2013 British Grand Prix takes place in less than 3 weeks, between 28th and 30th June. Tickets haven’t been selling as fast as in previous years as fans appear to be holding out for the weather.

In a bid to sell the remaining tickets, some suppliers slashed their prices by 20% to try and start a rush with the event just around the corner.

It is highly likely the Silverstone young driver test in July will be open to the public, with potentially a small fee to pay. Details of that will be posted on enterF1.com as soon as we get them!

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