The British Grand Prix at Silverstone has had two noticeable weather disasters in recent memory. They happened in 2001 and 2012 when all the grass car parks flooded after unprecedented rain caught the organisers out. The lesson is that the great British weather can always throw a curve ball despite the summer (late June/early July) date. So check the Silverstone forecast and prepare yourself for all eventualities, particularly us campers who brave the fields each year.

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For a more detailed look at the British GP forecast, we well recommend checking out BBC’s Silverstone Weather page right here:

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Iffy weather? Tips on what to bring to Silverstone

  • Comfortable footwear (and that includes you too ladies!). Yes, we have seen women struggling around in high heels despite only having a general admission ticket. It’s funny to see, but seeing as this is a tips page we highly recommend you wear something practical on your feet.
  • A proper coat – when it rains at Silverstone it’ll more than likely bring the high winds with it too. Actually… it’s windy pretty much ALL the time at Silverstone being so flat! Don’t just pack a waterproof coat, make sure you have something to combat the ripping winds too.
  • Am I wally with a brolly? – not at Silverstone sir! The smart money says always have an umbrella with you, even if it’s looking slightly overcast. Yes, carrying around an umbrella all day isn’t the coolest thing in the world, but standing outside, wet through with people laughing at you isn’t either so take one!
  • Plenty of carrier bags – this definitely applies if you are camping at Silverstone but also if you are just attending the circuit. Taking carrier bags allows you to put soaking wet clothing in your car boot without it trying to turn everything else mouldy around it.
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If a heatwave is predicted…

If we are heading for a year with decent weather in early July, make sure you pack all the essentials to deal with lots of sunshine. High factor sun cream is a must. The amount of burnt foreheads and necks roaming around Silverstone on their brighter days is high. Don’t be one of them! Pack sun cream, a proper hat and sun glasses to save your eyes from squinting at the F1 drivers.

If you don’t like the idea of paying a few pounds every time for a bottle of water at the circuit, pack some bottles in your backpack or cool box.

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