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Silverstone Circuit
Towcester, Northamptonshire, NN12 8TN
Tel: 0844 3728 200

Silverstone from above

Unfortunately, Google has not updated their satellite view of Silverstone since the new arena layout has been introduced a couple of years ago. The surrounding infrastructure is very much the same, except the new infield and pit complex is missing.

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Directions to Silverstone by road

Getting to Silverstone is relatively easy thanks to two main roads (M1 and M40) that take you directly to the circuit.

M1 road users will need to come off at junction 15a and follows the signs for the A43 which should say to ‘Oxford’. From here the drive is about 10 minutes (without traffic) and you literally just have to go straight over the two roundabouts, then follow the brown ‘Silverstone’ tourist signs.

M40 road users will need to exit the motorway at junction 10 and again, follow the signs that allow you to join the A43. Keep going straight until you start to see brown ‘Silverstone’ signs which will direct you to the main gate of the circuit. Easy!
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Alternative routes into Silverstone by road

If you want to ditch the A43 early and take to the country lanes, there is another way into Silverstone that may be of interest. When you get to the McDonalds roundabout on the A43, take the 3rd exit onto Mill Lane as opposed to carrying on using the dual carriageay. Less than 2 miles later, turn left onto Church Street. This will take you into Silverstone village and away from the other traffic! This route is great going to or from the race.

This may look like a long diversion but on race day it can take a number of hours to get down this final section of the A43.

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  1. Reply
    Fred Harris says

    Hi, I have only been to Silverstone once for the 2012 British F1 GP, the weather on Friday and Saturday was really bad but Sunday I got sun burnt. I did not get much time to explore the circuit while trying to keep out the torrential rain so ended up by the Village to watch the race, but was behind a wire fence so watched the race between the wires, I had 3 day general admission as I intended to explore more of the circuit.
    This year I have got general admission tickets again for all 3 days, and have just been bought a very nice camera so wanted to find out best place away from fences and probably up on an embankment (or hill) so I can get some really nice photos, do you have any suggestions?
    Many thanks for a very good website and any suggestions you have for me, regards, Fred

    • Reply
      James Wilson says

      Arh Fred! The 2012 British GP was certainly infamous amongst us British F1 fans, so I feel your pain!

      Glad to hear you will be returning this year, it should be quite a weekend!

      With regards to your question, my honest answer is explore the whole outside of the circuit on Friday over the course of the two 1.5 hour sessions in the morning and afternoon. For example, how about starting on the National Pit Straight at the start of FP1 and taking a wander round Cope, up to Maggots, Becketts and Church corner. Then strolling along the Hanger Straight to catch the cars at full speed! Finish up at Stowe corner after 90 minutes and grab some lunch.

      Once FP2 gets under way, keep your ramble going down through Vale, Club Corner, International Pit Straight, Abbey/Farm. You then have the option to cut into the circuit and make the walk to Village and The Loop (you must be familiar with this section of the circuit), or you can just head straight to Priory and Luffield and you’re back where you started.

      That’s my ideal Friday personally. Great exercise and every view point you could imagine. You then have all options open to your for Saturday and Sunday.

      Good luck! Please share your photos with us on Facebook or email me perhaps if you’d like.

      • Reply
        Fred Harris says

        Many thanks for your detailed feedback on Silverstone, I am hoping the Friday is a very nice day so I can walk the circuit as you described (in 2012 I was soaked and frozen on the Friday), I will send you the best photos I take while at Silverstone, I have just bought a new DSLR camera and learning to use it now, so should be some nice shots 🙂

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