How do you intend to travel to the British Grand Prix? Many fans choose to drive to Silverstone by car and information regarding that is detailed below. For those of you who do not own a car or want to avoid the queues, there are numerous public transport options for you to consider.

Is there a coach or bus service?

Yes! MegaBus provide a bus service from all the major towns and cities around the UK and acts as a fantastic “no hassle” way to arrive and depart from Silverstone. Kick back and relax on the bus with other budding F1 fans whilst others take their chances with the busy car parks.

Taking the train

Silverstone is pretty much equidistant between Northampton, Milton Keynes and Banbury train stations (30 minutes roughly). Shuttle buses run from Northampton and Milton Keynes stations and are payable on the day (sorry, we’re not sure how much this costs but it won’t be an outrageous amount).

I want to drive to the circuit

Silverstone encourages fans to use the two Park & Ride services as a way to avoid the massive congestion around the circuit. There are two sites: M1 and M40 and are considerably cheaper than parking at the circuit which is not free.

More information about parking your car at the circuit and the Park & Ride scheme can be found here.

British Grand Prix by Helicopter

Silverstone Helicopters provide return Helicopter journeys for the Formula 1, British Grand Prix.

The helicopter is a AS355 twin engine helicopter with seating capacity for 5 people per flight. Only twin engine helicopters are allowed to use the Silverstone airfield for the grand prix. This has increased the prices charged considerably.

Helicopter shuttles will be operated from a helipad in Bicester to the Silverstone Heliport.

Prices per person are from £820 +VAT, based on a minimum of 4 people traveling.

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  1. Reply
    Linda says

    I’m arriving at wolverton station going to Silverston on 5th July.
    Does anyone know if there is a shuttle from wolverton train station or a suitable taxi company to use?

    • Reply
      Simon says

      Hi Linda,

      It might be better to head to Milton Keynes, which I believe is the next stop. Stagecoach are running return coaches to Silverstone from there.

  2. Reply
    John says

    Will there be shuttle buses from Milton Keynes to Silverstone Circuit on 2 July returning 6 July?

    • Reply
      Simon says

      Hi John

      There has been in the past so I have no reason to think otherwise



  3. Reply
    Lesley says

    Could you advise if there is public transport on 5th July to Silverstone from Cherwell Valley Hotel or what is the best and quickest option. Thankyou

    • Reply
      James Wilson says

      Hi Lesley.

      I would contact the hotel directly regarding this as they will be best placed to advise you.



      • Reply
        Adrian says

        im going on Sunday to the race from MK, what time would you suggest leaving home ??


        • Reply
          Simon Purnell says

          Early!! gates open at 6 and car parks open about 30 minutes before that.

          • Bobo says

            Arriving early is a fool’s game because there will always be traffic in the morning hours when 130,000 people try to show up to the circuit. I show up at 12:00 pm 1 hour before race start and no one is on the roads at all, completely empty and cruise right in with zero problems and make it to my seat before the green light. eazy-peezy

  4. Reply
    Mrs tills says

    We are staying in Towcester for the Grand Prix weekend, can anyone please advise how to travel to and from the silverstone circuit and Towcester.

    • Reply
      Simon Purnell says

      Here’s a link for local bus services. Have you tried a local Taxi company? Cybernet Cars run Taxis to Silverstone (Tel 01908 263263)

  5. Reply
    Ankur Mittal says

    Hi Everyone,
    I have opted for Megabus service from London to Silverstone. But I am not sure how far is the circuit from where I am going to get down. Is it walkable distance from Silverstone bus station?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Reply
      Simon Purnell says

      Silverstone village is a short distance from the National Pit straight entrance.

  6. Reply
    Richard Farrell says

    hi im stopping in banbury for whole weekend . what the best bus service to get there and back . i want to arrive at the track early.

    • Reply
      Simon Purnell says

      Hi Richard, I don’t believe there’s a direct bus. Have you thought about using the Park and Ride service from the M40?

  7. Reply
    Paul says

    Does anyone know if the dedicated shuttle bus from Milton Keynes departs from the Bus Station or from the Train Station on the day of the British F1 GP?

    Furthermore, does anyone know the timetable, how frequent the service is, and how long takes to get to the circuit.

    I am to get to Milton Keynes by about 1030 ish on the train.



    • Reply
      Simon Purnell says

      Shuttle buses run from Northampton and Milton Keynes stations and are payable on the day.

  8. Reply
    Susan says

    I flew from Ireland this year for F1, seat in Abbey, hotel in Luton and Megabus return ticket. Very expensive weekend for a pensioner but worth every euro/pound! Have just bought my ticket for Abbey F1 2018 and will save for a longer trip.
    Am I allowed to enter competitions or are they just for UK residents? If not, they should be! Here’s hoping.

    • Reply
      Simon Purnell says

      Hi Susan, Our competitions are open to everyone. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip this year and hope you have a great time in 2018!

  9. Reply
    Marilyn Persaud says

    staying close to baker st tube station, megabus pickup from Victoria & Gloucester tube station, which one is closer, tansportation to F1 Race at Silverstone. Arriving from Canada, visiting.

    • Reply
      Simon Purnell says

      Hi Marilyn, You might be better to take the train to Milton Keynes (from Euston) and take a transfer coach from there.

  10. Reply
    diane breedon says

    Hello, are there cab companies operating from silverstone to towcester please? I shall be with my young grandson & prefer to pre-book a taxi to our hotel.

    • Reply
      Simon Purnell says

      Yes if you do a search on Google for Towcester taxis or Silverstone taxis, there are a number of companies.

  11. Reply
    Adam Langley says

    I am camping from the Wednesday with my dad, but I need to leave straight after after the race, he is staying on till the Monday. Can I buy a single ticket for the shuttle bus to Milton Keynes station on the day?

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