With just 3 days to go until 2014 British Grand Prix, 99% of fans have their tickets and are geared up ready to go. But what about the 1% who would like to go but have left it until the last minute – like you perhaps? We’ve taken a look at all the official Silverstone ticket sellers and have found the last remaining tickets available. At the time of writing!

Weekend Tickets

Want to come for the full 3 day weekend at Silverstone? No problem – if you’re quick!

Band 4: Abbey – 3-Day Reserved

Watch the F1 cars sweep into turn 1 – Abbey. You will have a reserved seat for the full 3 days, meaning less fuss and guaranteed rain cover IF it rains. These are the most expensive weekend tickets left at £396 a pop. But hey, a view of the pit straight, pit lane and turn 1? You only live one.

Band 5: Woodcote A – 3-Day Reserved

Another 3 day reserved ticket and slightly cheaper at £359 per adult. The view from Woodcote is quite extensive and includes watching the cars on the Wellington Straight, Brooklands corner, Luffield and then in front of you through Woodcote itself. Move quickly for these tickets!

Band 5: Village B (Available as Sunday only too)

Even cheaper at £333, Village B offers a view of turns 3 and 4 (Village and The Loop) , and then onto the Wellington straight. The cars can overtake around here and out braking is common.

Sunday Only Tickets

Can only make it on race day? Here are the last seats remaining.

Band 6: Luffield A

Luffield A has a similar view to Woodcote corner as mentioned above. You can sit here on the Sunday for £280 and enjoy the great atmosphere this part of the track offers. Luffield is an acceleration zone onto the National Pit Straight and will be great for watching the current bread of F1 cars laying down their turbo power!

Band 8: Farm Curve

Farm Curve is turn 2 on the Silverstone circuit. It immediately follows turn 1 and is the second part of a quick right left at the beginning of the lap. It’s unlikely you’ll see any overtaking here but it’s a breathtaking place to watch the start of the race as 22 cars pile in on lap 1. £250 for the race day.

General Admission – Still Available!

You can still purchase general admission tickets for each individual day of for the whole weekend if you’d prefer. Adult prices are as follows:

  • Friday – £58
  • Saturday – £76
  • Sunday – £161
  • Weekend – £181

As ever with general admission, the key is getting into the track nice and early to secure the best viewing spots. You really do take your chances by arriving late, although the Vale section is massive and you should be able to catch some action from there.


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    Colin Henry says

    If there are any 3day general admission tickets for sale please contact me as my daughter has now asked to come with me

    • Reply
      Simon says

      Hi Colin,

      Good luck, we’re let you know if we hear anything. Have you tried ebay or Viagogo and ticketstub?

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