With less than a few weeks to go until the 2013 British Grand Prix, fans are being encouraged by Sky Sports F1 to send in their stories.

The broadcaster is hoping to bulk out their coverage of the race at Silverstone with fans tales from years gone by. For instance: night you hold the record for most consecutive GP’s attended, have an incredible story about how you made it to the race one year or perhaps can demonstrate some unique dedication to the event?

Here’s Natalie Pinkham promoting the feature on her twitter feed:

I was tempted to submit a story myself but was left wondering whether I had anything worth reading out? I’ve been to every British Grand Prix since 2002 when I was just a young teenager and have seen a lot of action.

I feel like I have plenty of epic stories for last year’s race weekend due to the weather and mud, but so do probably tens of thousands of fans!

I suppose my only claim to fame can be our group stopping for “one more drink” on the Saturday afternoon by the after party stage, and then in the blink of an eye being told to leave the circuit as we were the last people left in it and they were locking up.

Something tells me that won’t be getting read out on Sky Sports F1…

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