We’re giving away Lewis’s blue and red Austin GP hat!

Today we are celebrating Lewis Hamilton’s third World Championship which he took in style, at last weekends United States Grand Prix. You may have noticed Lewis was wearing a special edition blue and red Mercedes AMG cap for most of the event. Well… we thought we’d give one away!

These caps are very sought after! Featuring the American flag stars and stripes on the underside of the peak, this cap is the perfect memento from his championship winning weekend at the Circuit of the Americas!

To be in with a chance of winning this awesome cap, simply leave a comment below with your highlight of the 2015 F1 season. We’ll pick the best comment / best moment and email the address that you used.

So what moment was it for you? Lewis’s British Grand Prix victory? His fightback in Hungary? His move on Rosberg at Japan? Or something else? Get commenting below to be in with a shot of his Austin GP baseball cap!

We’ll announce the winner after FP1 of the Mexican Grand Prix on Friday 30th October 2015. You’ll find the winners name on this page, as well as on our twitter and facebook feeds. Good luck!

Have you seen our Mercedes AMG official merchandise page? It’s full of brilliant products for both Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg and the whole Mercedes AMG Petronas team.

And the winner is… Lili Varga!

Congratulations to Lili who left a great comment about Lewis at the Hungarian Grand Prix. This was a tough weekend for all the drivers in the wake of Jules Bianchi’s death. Reading about Lili meeting Hamilton, it sounded like a very special moment. You are a worthy winner of this great cap!

Thank you to everyone that entered. There were many comments that came close so please try again next time! We list every F1 competition going on our dedicated page.


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    Jed Spears says

    Honestly – I know it was only yesterday but I loved that overtake on Nico Rosberg into turn 1 in Austin. It was such a bold move, it really showed Hamilton wanted it and was willing to put it all on the line to get in front. That’s why I like him a driver. He’ll risk everything when there’s a sniff of an overtake, and a championship! What a year he’s had. Go Lewis!

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    Jordan Peacock says

    For me, it has got to be yesterday, the overtake on Nico on the first turn was something else, a great race in the end, he risked it and it paid off.

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    Junaid Samodien says

    My highlight of the 2015 F1 season is when Hamilton is off the pace in Free Practice and then in qualifying in comes back with the fastest qualifying lap. We all wonder, where did that come from!!! His an exceptional talent but definitely know’s how to drive a car. 10 Grand Prix wins shows how good he really is! Last year, Lewis struggled to get the upper hand in qualifying over his team mate Nico Rosberg but this year, its a transformed Lewis! Massive congradz CHAMPION!!

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    James v B says

    Some great on-track stuff this season, and some not-so-great, but I loved this banter in Bahrain, with Seb and Lee McKenzie. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/formula1/32374187

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    Prathik says

    Hamilton was a class apart this year. Total domination all through! Whenever we thought that Rosberg had got an edge, Hamilton put his head down and proved us wrong. 11 poles, 10 wins, 14 podiums and 6 fastest laps in 16 races. Honestly, I wanted Rosberg to win the title this year, but I’m in awe of what Hamilton has achieved and I respect and admire him for it!

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    simon metin says

    My favourite moment of the year has to be the last corner of the last lap from the Austin GP. It was so tense but i was praying that Rosberg would keep Vettel behind him. For the first time I actually let out an audible yelp of happiness to hear that a) Hamilton won the race….then b) He is triple world champion. it was at this point that i realised i was still in my college library and had people staring at me.

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    susie mccormick says

    Highlight of my F1 year was yesterdays race, of course watching lewis take his 3rd wdc but the whole race was just phenomenal from start to finish! So much went on I was on the edge of my seat the whole time!!

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    Jeanine Royston says

    My highlight of the 2015 F1 season has to be his victory on winning his 3rd world championship.What a fantastic day,a great race a fantastic show on the podium.
    Well done Lewis you deserve the best,you are a star and the world champion.

  9. Reply
    Clara Bennett says

    Every single moment leading up to this point and when he crossed the line in first place and winning his 3rd WDC!!!

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    Alexander van loon says

    I’m dutch and not good in writing english and exprese myself. But for me, yesterday was a awesome race. Lots overtaking, weather was wet and dry. On full wets, inters, soft and midium tyres. We gets lots of action in one race. What more do you want. Oow yeh. Our boy lewis hamilton has won for the 3th time the world championship whooohooo.

    Kind regard
    Alexander van loon Hamilton (fb)

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    Myles Semmens says

    My moment of 2015 was to see how Lewis has evolved into the 3 time world champion legend that he is,
    And his composure in the most difficult of situations throughout the season.
    #THE WON

  12. Reply
    Andy Rawcliffe says

    Highlight of my year lewis throwing rosberg a podium hat and rosberg throwing it back and sulking because he got owned all season long ha ??

  13. Reply
    Gill Colling says

    Yesterday’s turn one overtake… just brilliant!! What a great start to the most exciting race of the season! Congratulations Lewis and the Team 😀

  14. Reply
    Kevin Friend says

    Highlight of my year has been watching Lewis Hamiltons hairstyles

  15. Reply
    Steven beard says

    To b honest i’ve loved every race both with lewis & rosberg driving on the limit,well worth watching just for there races alone!.

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    Lili Varga says

    I’m supporting Lewis since 2007 Australia and finally meet him at the Hungaroring this year was an amazing experience. He is such a gentle and genue person. I always new that he is a really kind human, but he really is. Even after the not too good Hungarian GP he still stood next to everyone and smile with them for a picture, even though he was really sad and dissapointed. We can even make him smile a little bit ’cause of his socks! 🙂
    Anyway, his drive performance in the whole year was unbelievable! He is focused and determinated and teach everyone to never give up!
    I just feel honored to live in the century where Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton drives!

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    Mathew says

    My favourite moment of 2015 season was when Lewis Hamilton dominated in Italy.
    Being fastest in free practice 1, 2 and 3 and then dominating qualifying. And then at their home GP beating Ferrari in the race (and everyone else) by over 25 seconds!
    Just one example of the total dominance he has shown this year.

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    martin brewer says

    My moment so far if only for one lap it was seeing jenson button’s name on my screen as a fastest lap in Austin

  19. Reply
    Renata Szabo says

    As a Lewis fan since 2007 I have many great memories from several races.
    I’ve been to Monza this year which was really emotional. I’m from Hungary so normally I would pick the fightback, but a normal champion is good in this, and in overtakes..and mainly from Lewis it’s really difficult to mention only one action!
    I now must pick the Italian GP ?? because of Lewis’ mental balance. He’s got thousands of negative comments (because of his blond hair, because he didn’t know about the 1 minite scilence of Justin Wilson and he was wearing a cap, because he used a picture of a big photographer without using his name etc) but he could put aside these and just concentrate on his passion (how we see sometimes other drivers under pressure can’t perform). ? It can be really hard but our champ showed us: nothing is impossible. He never gives up and he fights for his dreams and this is a good example for the young generation. F1 needs champions like him, a little boy from Stevenage who is now a unique living legend! ???

  20. Reply
    Jennifer Benavides says

    I would have to say his over take on Rosberg at Austin in turn 1. I feel that he should have been penalized for doing that, BUT also, I feel that it laid out the race and gave him momentum from the get-go to claim his Drivers Championship!! Good job Hamilton ☺

  21. Reply
    Rosie says

    Lewis winning his home Grand Prix.

  22. Reply

    There have been so many fantastic drives this season by Lewis, that it would be hard to choose. Lewis has such a fantastic race craft and ability,that has made him so difficult to beat and so richly deserving his Third world title. Well done Lewis fantastic achievement.

  23. Reply
    Annie Banham says

    Lewis’ dignified acceptance of his team’s mistake in bringing him into the pits for an unnecessary tyre change in Monaco and by doing so losing him the race – just shows what a professional he is and a well deserved three times World Champion.Well done Lewis, now for a fourth title!

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    Matthew McMahon says

    My highlight of 2015 was the moving tribute the drivers did in Hungary of remembering the life of Jules Bianchi. Seeing the drivers all link together in a circle with their helmets (including Bianchi’s) in the middle was so emotional. And then the race that followed was so epic that you just felt that Jules helped create a special race happen.

  25. Reply
    Ross Curtis says

    It has to be last weekend. When it all seemed like the championship would go to Mexico with Ricciardo storming away at the front Lewis nailed the strategy once again, fought his way back through the field and claimed the championship. Great piece of driving

  26. Reply
    Fabienne Bakker says

    For me the best moment of 2015 was the strategic call with late rain in Silverstone. The rain created a strategic questionmark and Rosberg was gaining on Hamilton. Hamilton and Mercedes picked the absolute perfect lap to pit and secure the lead to eventually win the Grand Prix! Great teamwork!

  27. Reply
    Brigitte says

    For me it was the Hungarian GP! It was really amazing and we loved it! I was there and I am happy that I was able to get there and watch the whole race at the Hungaroring! Next year I’ll be there again and I hope that it’ll be an incredible race again!

  28. Reply
    Lukasz_LH44fan says

    As a big fan of Lewis ‘s hard for me to say what in the 2015 season was the best moment for my Champ , but it seems to me that ‘s all ☺ The biggest impression made ​​on me race at Silverstone. Really sensational race . The best thing is when you see so many Brits singing together ,, God Save the Queen ” with his idol on the podium. Hungaroring was hard to Lewis and the whole #TeamLH but then we could only see that Lewis is not giving up and fighting for every point the same end , and it’s a great respect to the team and the fans.☺

  29. Reply
    Kata Lőrinc says

    For me of course the US grand prix!
    I like Lewis because of his aggressive driving style, this was the reason why I’ve started to watch Formula1 some years ago.
    I was REALLY excited because of the race, mainly because we knew that if Lewis wins, Nico is just the 2nd and Seb finishes in 3rd or lower, Lewis will be the cHAMpion. Plus, we didn’t see too much track action before….ok.. the Qualifying was really really funny. :)))
    Then the time has come….race day!!! We knew that if there will be any problem and Lewis can’t make it on 25th November, then he will make it in Mexico next week.
    But every Lewis fan knows that Lewis’ “2nd home” is the US and this would be the perfect place of the 3rd victory.
    Lights went out…. Lewis did the BEST overtake EVER, and he got away better at the start, entering the first corner alongside Nico and forcing him wide, he took the lead!
    I was like… YEEEAAAH
    After Carlos Sainz’ incident everything went crazy. Red Bulls got their wings in damp conditions…they took Lewis under preassure (….just a bit 🙂 )…and if it’s not enough…Seb was just coming closer and closer to the top. Daniel made it. Overtook our 2x world champ…ohh my.. then…Nico too..(Lewis changed for dry compound tyres). After the pit stops the order was the following: Daniel, Nico, Daniil, Lewis… it wasn’t a good view. But the Silver Arrows has started to work again… there was hope!! They both moved on the Bull guys. Nico decided to pit…so he went out and came back in 4th position, but he was slowly coming up. Lewis had to change tyres (and Seb too halleluja) and there was a heavenly help, the SC came in!!! What a lucky timing!
    After all this on the last laps every Lewis fans were close to die, so we didn’t need energy drink (especially not Red Bull)…. 🙂
    And Lewis WON!!
    What a race!! The US GP must be the highlight of the year!
    Congratulations to the triple world champion, Lewis Hamilton. He really deserved it. And we (TeamLH) are sooooo HAPPY now. 🙂

  30. Reply
    Kata Lőrinc says

    *25th October (correction)

  31. Reply
    Ana says

    It has to be the U.S. Grand Prix. My God! Lewis was so confident to take his 3rd world champion title.

  32. Reply
    Ana says

    It has to be the U.S. Grand Prix. My God! Lewis was so confident to to get his third world championship title.

  33. Reply
    RPSeymour says

    The highlight of this season is undoubtedly the AustinGP.
    2 safety cars, 2 virtual safety cars, overtaking throughout the field and proper overtakes by the McLarens without DRS.
    What battling by drivings from all ranges, the top 3 teams were attacking each other along with being attacked by the mid field teams. I can’t remember a race like it.
    I’ve watched it 3 times and am not deleting it off my PVR.

  34. Reply
    Dionne Froude says

    Button finishing 6th in texas! Great to see him competitive again. Also obviously Hamiltons world championship win, but would have been more exciting if it had gone to the last race.

  35. Reply
    Micklaren says

    2015 has been a mighty season for Lewis and with his dominant form in qualifying, has left his team mate in his dust. The last GP in Austin showed us just how much Lewis wanted his third title. Truly deserving and befitting of the ‘if the cap fits….’ adage. Take note Nico, if you want the wear winners cap next year, you’re gonna have to up your game. In the meantime, if you want to throw a cap in my direction – I promise I won’t throw it back!

  36. Reply
    Lito says

    My favorite highlight so far has been seeing Perez on the podium. I’m not a huge fan of FI Saraha, but it was nice to see things mixed up a bit.

  37. Reply
    Harriet Robertson says

    Definitely Silverstone!! Seeing Lewis win at his home track is always a great sight to see!!

  38. Reply
    Renata Szabo says

    Who is the winner? Still can’t find the name :(( checking my mailbox in every hours!

  39. Reply
    James Wilson says

    We have just updated the bottom of the post with the announcement that the winner is… Lili Varga! Thank you to all that entered. It was great reading your highlights of the year – clearly there are some BIG Lewis Hamilton fans out there! Check out of F1 competitions page and subscribe to be kept in the loop with all the major give-aways from around the web:


    Thanks again.

  40. Reply
    Lili Varga says

    Oh WOW!!!?? I am so so happy right now!! Thank you very much enterF1.com!?
    And thank you, RT for make this meet happen!?

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