enterF1.com subscriber, Chris Swiffen, makes the trip to Barcelona every year for pre-season testing. He sent us these amazing photos showing just how much access to the circuit and the drivers you get. Here’s what he had to say:

“I would recommend testing to any F1 fan. It’s very cheap and you get to see the cars for up to 9 hours a day. You have the freedom of the track to wander.  From a VIP box you get an incredible vantage point overlooking the garages and pit lane.  In my case we were above Manor, had Renault to our left and McLaren to our right.  Alonso had his personal fan club in the grandstand opposite.  You also get a paddock tour and if you want it there is a bus trip round the interior circuit route.  I have to say, I go to few races each year but always like testing purely for the access and lack of people!”

“Even without a VIP box, you have the whole track basically to yourself, which is great to see the different vantage points in Barcelona, of which there are many.  Watching the cars stick to the ground round the last corner heading onto the straight is incredible given the speed they are going.  I was fortunate to be in right place to capture Lewis breaking down on Friday just before lunch in one of the shots.”

Scroll through his 37 photos below:

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