Any excuse to watch Ayrton Senna in action…

After 3 days of testing in Jerez, there can be no shying away from McLaren-Honda’s problems in these early stages of development. After struggling to get the car to work last year in the Abu Dhabi test, there was hope that the package would be ready for reasonable mileage at the first pre-season test this week.

However, Alonso and Button have only achieved 44 laps collectively and there is seemingly a lot of work to do if they want to start pumping in the huge haul of laps like Mercedes-AMG and Ferrari have.

It got me thinking about the awesome package McLaren-Honda had in Jerez – albeit back in 1990! This was when Ayrton Senna was unstoppable and seemingly lived his lived not just on the edge, but perhaps 6ft over it.

I never get tired of watching his pole lap, as viewed from onboard his McLaren MP4/5. This was when the McLaren-Honda partnership was truly singing and dancing round the Jerez circuit…



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    JD says

    This is why we all loved F1!!! Those where the days….
    This is what we should be looking for, NOT stupid battery powered smart cars with puppet drivers binded by thousands of rules that spoil the game…
    F1 should become more exciting….

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    Evren says

    20 years have passed and we still look back in awe

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    Simon says

    Great reactions when he comes across some slow moving cars 30 seconds in.

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    James Wilson says

    Cornering speed: immense, revs: ridiculously high, hesitation: minimal, legend: definitely.

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