We’ve been inundated with questions in the last couple of days from F1 fans who have said they cannot buy F1 tickets through the official Formula 1 website. Formula1.com has offered packages for many years to race goers but appears to have stopped for an unknown reason.


Some of the fans that contacted us were concerned that they would not be able to secure seats in their desired grandstand if the situation on Formula1.com did not change in the near future. Well, there’s good news!

If you didn’t know already, you can buy F1 tickets from other websites on the internet – not just the official website. There are a handful of companies online that have relationships will all the races on the Formula 1 calendar and are authorised to sell the tickets on the circuit / organisers behalf.

Not only that, but the prices for all tickets are generally very similar to each other, with only a few GBP / EUR/ USD in it in most cases.

We have an article on ‘Where to buy your F1 tickets‘, which introduces you to who these companies are and why it’s safe to use them.

So if you are one of the many fans who have been left baffled by Formula1.com’s lack of ticket sales, hit the link above use another website and grab your passes before it’s too late.

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