EnterF1 was lucky enough to catch up with David Coulthard at his book signing at the Pole Position World of Motorsport event in Regent Street, London less than 24 hours after the Italian Grand Prix in Monza.

David’s race had only lasted 2 laps after taking five places off the line, but at the expense of braking part of his front wing. On lap 2 as he was flat out in the Curva Grande, the rest of his front wing, so critical for down force, exploded sending him straight on, bouncing wildly through the gravel trap and slamming into a thin tyre wall.

However the brave Scott was relatively unharmed and still made his important book signing in the UK. After signing nearly 500 books for the queuing crowds, he told us he was OK from yesterday’s accident and was just a little bit sore.

On the subject of the world championship, we asked him whether he tipped Alonso or Hamilton for the world title, come the end of the year.

He said he believed based on the last two thirds of the season, Hamilton has looked ultimately the stronger and happier of the two guys and would have tipped him to go all the way, but the performance Alonso showed in Monza and his recent race fight backs may be the key to becoming the overall winner.

He went on to agree with us that the experience of the world champion may play into his hands with four races to go in 2007.

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