Which of these ideas do you agree or disagree with?

Along with the introduction of new Super Licence conditions, the FIA has announced plans to revive Formula Two to help create a clearer path into Formula One for young drivers. A more structured way to reach F1 via F4, F3 and F2 is a great idea when you consider how well similar feeder systems work for other championships (like MotoGP, NASCAR & IndyCar).

However, if the FIA wants to create a clear and effective path into Formula One, there are some other steps worth taking before looking at things like Super Licences.

Here are nine ideas that could potentially help the FIA build a strong feeder system:

  • Merge GP2 into Formula 2. Both categories cannot exist simultaneously. Get rid of GP3.
  • Create three regional Formula 3 categories with the same regulations: European F3, American F3 & Asian F3.
  • Make National Formula 4 championships as cheap as they possibly can be (the current annual budget of 100,000 pounds is still very high). Keep F4 as a spec series.
  • Place F2 and F3 on the schedule at every Grand Prix weekend. The F3 race should be the series from the corresponding region. Package it all tightly for Sunday afternoon TV.
  • At the final Grand Prix weekend of the season, have a ‘Formula 4 Race of Champions’.
  • Encourage teams to run cars across different categories (which are easier if they’re all racing in the same place on the same weekend). Give those teams operational concessions where possible.
  • Create scholarships to help the fight against pay drivers. For example, each F3 champion receives a grant that funds a drive in F2. The F2 champion receives a grant to help fund a drive in F1.
  • Restrict testing across all categories, but grant a bonus test day to any team that borrows a front-runner from the category beneath it.
  • Make the specification of the seat inside an F2 car exactly the same as the seat inside an F1 car so it’s easier for a Grand Prix team to place an F2 driver into their test car.

Once the FIA looks at these sorts of ideas, it will be in a better position to look at things like Super Licence tweaks.


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    James Wilson says

    I think these are great ideas Martin! The ideas suggested create a clear and easy to understand feeder system. I think some casual fans wonder why GP2 is not called F2 and the same for GP3 and F3.

    I actually think your ideas also create a real entertainment aspect too with the close scheduling of the races, all in the right order that will engage more fans around the world who can track the progress of the drivers in each series.

    The incentives for the teams to take on a driver from the series below and the financial reward for the series winners are superb and should seriously be looked at by the FIA.

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