F1 seemingly with lots of issues at the moment has got many fans riled up this weekend, here’s one email we’ve had…

What’s happening to Formula 1?

“I regard myself as a typical F1 fan. I’m not a total F1 geek and not completely up to speed with all the goings on, but I do enjoy a race weekend. 8 times out of 10 I’ll manage to watch qualifying and on the very rare occasion I’ll be able to squeeze in a practice session too. However, I always get to watch the race, even if not always live.

I personally enjoyed the 2014 season mostly due to Hamilton becoming World Champion. Like most motorsport fans, I have my favourites that I like to see win, but more than that, for me it’s the excitement of close racing and seeing car and driver being pushed to the maximum.

2015 – I’m sorry to say has been a disappointment, apart from seeing some great drives from Vettel and Hamilton. For me, the off circuit dramas have been bigger news than the on track action and the races have become more of a precession than ever before.

These are problems I see with F1 as it stands today:

The money – What I can’t get my head round is why F1 is in the state it is with the amount of money in the sport.

Engine Providers – Surely teams that provide engines such as Mercedes and Ferrari have an advantage over the teams they provide engines to. I just can’t see how a non-engine provider can compete against an engine provider. The engine providing teams will always have the latest spec engines, how can this be fair let alone competitive.

Tyres – Boring boring boring! I understand the idea is to make it more exciting but I’m sure the complexities of tyre wear and tear goes completely over the head of the average fan. F1 should not be about being a steady, careful driver.

Money, again – There’s constant talk about money issues with some teams close to going bust, while others have no money issues and are in the fortunate position of being part of a panel dictating the future direction. That doesn’t create a competitive sport, no, it creates protection and greater riches for the richest teams and the F1 owners who are happy to get their cake and eat it.

Drivers – Sadly we’re not seeing the best drivers in F1 due to sponsorship deals. This is just wrong and gives F1 a bad name. It just isn’t necessary to allow this to happen. We need to see the best drivers in the best cars in the pinnacle of motorsport.

Tracks – Sadly this seems to be going the same way as drivers with sponsorship dictating where F1 goes next. I just can’t believe F1 will be the same without the likes of Monza or Silverstone, if indeed they drop off the calendar.

As I write this, I think each of the subject points should be re-titled Money, Money, Money because sadly that’s what F1 now seems to be about. Sadly I can’t be bothered to rant on any more and I’m only a fan so it won’t be taken seriously anyway!”

Does the F1 fan have a point or is this just part of the F1 circus?

We’d like to here your views on F1, good or bad!

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